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gasket or no gasket

wattwizzwattwizz Posts: 33
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I've heard some egger's don't care if they cook with a failed gasket and others recommend replacing it. I would guess it would make a difference with a slow cook at low temps. Air would come in from the gaps and bring the egg temps up. Any comments?


  • Richard FlRichard Fl Posts: 7,546
    On my large the gasket has been fried for 5-6 years and the longest cooks I do are beef ribs 6-7 hours. No complaints for what I do, even get a brisket every now and then.
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 6,718
    if there is more airflow because there is no gasket, just close the vents more. some here haven't used a gasket in years. I like them for the cushioning if nothing else. NOT the felt though!!
    Central Connecticut 

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  • BashBash Posts: 1,011
    One of my eggs has a gasket, the other does not. I can't tell any difference in cooking at any temp. Gasketless egg goes out fine closing the vent and DFMT.

    The only value I see in gaskets:
    1. Keeps the egg dry if you don't keep them covered. I have found water in the egg after a driving rain in the gasketless egg, never on the egg with gasket. It did not seem to get the charcoal wet - I think it just wicks in the crack between the botton and top and runs down the wall in of the bottom, resulting in pooled water at the base.
    2. Shock absorber in case you close the lid a little too fast.

  • mbmikembmike Posts: 32
    I'm on my 3rd gasket on my large, original on my small and breaking in my mini, when using my BBQ guru on my large does seem to make a differnce when maintaining the temp.
  • 2Fategghead2Fategghead Posts: 9,623
    Nothing better than riding all day on the Harley to come home to thick steak on the BGE.

    I can empathize with that. B)
  • I ran my MBGE without a gasket for a year and then replaced one gasket. The only difference I noticed with the new gasket was the fire went out faster when I closed things down.
  • We have a Large BGE at the BBQ shop that we use only for high temp grilling and pizzas. The gasket was burned off long ago and we chose not to replace it as it would continually burn off. The only thing that I see as a problem with this is the missing "cushion" upon closing the lid. For the slow smokers, the gasket is essential in my opinion.
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,587
    I have not had a gasket for 2 years.NO problems whatsoever.I did 4 Butts on the Large Friday nite/Saturday morning.I can do Hi Temp without worrying about the gasket and lo-n-slows with no problems either.I do ALL my cooks without the use of temp control gadgets.I use the bottom vent and DMFT only.It is personal preference but they are CERTAINLY NOT NECESSARY. ;) :)
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 6,718
    Hoss, I had no idea you would chime in here. :laugh:
    Central Connecticut 

    "Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screwtop jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don't deserve to eat garlic." Bourdain
  • BBQMavenBBQMaven Posts: 1,041
    To this simple Mississippi boy

    Seems to be many camps of thought on how to Egg... The two largest are:
    OCD, Gotta have a perfect Gasket, always clean burning, take the Egg apart and clean the ash out type....
    Lazy, What's a Gasket?, Don't waste no lump cause the black stuff just makes it taste better, only clean out behind the fire box when you have to replace it type...

    I'm the second.... way to much fun cooking and eating to worry about gaskets, how clean my dome is, and if there might be some ash my ash tool won't reach...
    Madison MS
  • HossHoss Posts: 14,587
    ;) I passed over the post 5 times.I could NOT hold back when it hit the top the 6th! :laugh: ;)
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 6,718
    I know the feeling. Can't tell u how many times I have started to post and didn't. :)
    Central Connecticut 

    "Avoid at all costs that vile spew you see rotting in oil in screwtop jars. Too lazy to peel fresh? You don't deserve to eat garlic." Bourdain
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 13,495
    No gasket on all 3. No problem.
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini.... 5th Salado EggFest is March 14, 2015

  • swgriggsswgriggs Posts: 7
    I was very pleased to see this question!

    I am in the UK, and have had my Large BGE since Christmas. I've used it maybe a dozen times, but on Sunday my upper gasket peeled away. I was gutted, as here in England there is nowhere to go to get any accessories or spares. I have ordered a couple of replacement gaskets from eBay that is on its way, but it will take a couple of weeks to arrive.

    Not wanting to mess anything up I figured I'd better leave the Egg alone til I can replace the gasket, but now I see that going without is perfectly ok so I can carry on egging.

  • 4Runner4Runner Posts: 1,231
    I replaced mine since I needed to take it a part to but in my new table. I have since decided that if I do another replacement, it will be the bottom gasket only simply to cushion the blow of the lid. That way I don't have to remove my Egg from my table.
    Joe - I'm a reformed gasser-holic aka 4Runner Columbia, SC Wonderful BGE Resource Site: and
  • I don't want to take any chances with the lid slamming down and causing damage to the grill itself.
  • dresk11dresk11 Posts: 1
    Hey everyone.

    Just got my large bge. Gasket got wet from the rain. Then over night we dipped way below 0c (live in Toronto). My egg was frozen shut. I tried to lift after a day warming in the sun and the bottom gasket came off. Has anyone ever tried glueing it back on? Does that seem like a waste of time and effort?
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