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prospective buyer

edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Hello from North Bay Canada, I'm looking at buying a BGE but i'm looking for advice on sizes. I have a family of five and I was hoping that medium would do the trick, due to the prices of the large. Can anyone give me some advice. And maybe some helpful hints on how to convince my wife to let me buy one.
Thanks Pete


  • DaveDave Posts: 163
    peter brunette,[p]Peter:[p]This question has been brought up numerous times. I would definately opt for the Large. With a family of 5 this would be your better bet. I have a Large & am very glad that I picked this size. There are just my wife & myself in our household, but I usually fix extra food for friends & neighbors. It's always nice to have the ability to fix more & not need it than want to & not have the room. Hope this helps.

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    peter brunette,
    medium will work, but stretch for the large if you can. you'll be buying one anyway after 6 mos with the medium...[p]as for convincing the wife.. too bad you can't cook a steak first. that'd do it. but for starters, tell her that everyone here cooks on their egg 3 or 4 times a week. and if she normally does the cooking, that means YOU will give her a few nights off a week, easily.[p]you can try appealing to her senses, by checking out some of the members' websites (Naked Whiz, GFW, etc.) that have photo-essays of the cooks they've done. might help, anyway. [p]good luck

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • peter brunette,
    Follow the link to a thread just below on this very same question then go out and get a large egg if you can.[p]Good Luck,
    aka New Bob

  • Clay QClay Q Posts: 4,415
    peter brunette,
    Go for the large egg because you will need it's capacity to cook for your "large" family. Advice for the woman in your life- promise her the moon and stars and that you will remodel the bath. That did it for me.[p]Good luck!

  • Lawn RangerLawn Ranger Posts: 5,466
    peter brunette,
    Replying from rainy South Texas....If there's any way possible, please hold out for the Large. You'll never be sorry, and believe me, you'll need the space for larger cooks.[p]Good Luck![p]Mike

  • TroubleTrouble Posts: 276
    peter brunette,
    Here is a line from Mark Backer's response to Fenbay in the thread below. It contains some useful info:[p]"The area of the large is a little over 260 sq inches, while the medium is a bit over 176 sq inches. That's a pretty sizable difference."[p]That extra space is also the best value if my math is correct. So, being a woman and all, I can say that arguments such as "the shoes were buy one, get a second pair at 50%--I couldn't afford NOT to get two" are very effective. [p]The large offers nearly half-again the space. IMHO with a family of five you'll need that space. Use whatever logic you need to. And buy what egg you can. You will truly love it.
    Good luck.

  • stike,
    You are dead on with your comments. My wife is soooo happy now that I am cooking the majority of the meals. She always said that I can grill well, but I am terrible in the kitchen. So, now we do the bulk of our cooking on the Egg and our meals come our great. The last few weeks have been the first time in a couple years that I have seen my wife sit down and relax before and after dinner.[p]Some would see my increased work load as an issue, but I certainly do not. Cooking on the Egg is an experience and I enjoy every minute of it. A nice cool beverage never hurts either.[p]Good Luck,

  • peter brunette, I have a wife and 3 sons who love to eat. We started with a medium, and did o.k. but there are times when it was not large enough. I sold it and got a large and never looked back. I now have a small specifically for burgers, dogs, and steaks, and camping. The wife loves it, especially for the time she spends watching me cook on the egg. Just buy the large, her anger will dissipate as soon as she bites into egg food.

  • Citizen QCitizen Q Posts: 484
    peter brunette,
    Definitely go for the large if you can; it has more cooking area in all three dimensions for larger briskets, pork shoulders, turkeys and pizzas, especially beneficial to a large family. It also holds more lump so you never run out during a 20+ hour cook, and has more accesories available, such as the cast iron cooking grid. Three years ago I priced them out as I wanted to purchase a medium as a gift, the diffence was only $100 between the large and the medium, plus the dealer threw in 2 bags of lump and a slide daisy wheel top for free. No brainer.[p]Cheers,

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i don't look at it as a 'workload' either.[p]usually when you are cooking, there are people around. in my case, the wife and kids....[p]i suppose i could 'cook' faster by making mac-n-cheese or ordering pizza, but those folks are missing the point.[p]they think they are avoiding cooking, and they get to rush on with their busy lives.[p]i say "you all go on ahead, i'll be over here takin it easy"[p]slooo food, man

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,864
    peter brunette,[p]Large. Worth the investment.
  • peter brunette,What everyone else says is true, Go with a large,be sure to go ahead and get a plate setter when you do. Your wife will enjoy you cooking, then she will learn the EGG, and you both will enjoy it. I got one for fathers day and that led to four more and my wife and I doing some competitions using only Eggs. Tell your wife once you learn the EGG she can also use as an oven to bake in. The first contest my wife entered she took a first with a grits key-lime pie on our only EGG. That made getting the rest a lot easier.
    Also they work well in the cold which I'm sure you have some of,[p]Good Luck & Good Eggin,

  • peter brunette, Live Life Large. Well worth the extra cash. I had the same question in November. I got the large I am not sorry. IMPORTANT. Two nights ago I cooked a spartchock chicken it was minus 4 dergrees Farenheith and windy. You can cook with the egg all year. FF

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