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Fast Methods/Equipment for starting BGE

kilokilo Posts: 77
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
I know I have seen various posts on prefered start up techniques but which is the fastest. I have used electric coil (not bad, but easy to forget), weber starer cubes (great but slow). What would give me a faster start up? Mapp Torch? What are the disadvantages to the Mapp? Especially when it is this cold it takes me too long to get the egg up to temp.


  • katmankatman Posts: 331
    I've never tried the starter cubes. I used a chimney for years, but switched last summer to one of the clubs sold by the guru folks. I use propane with it instead of MAPP. Takes only a couple of minutes to get the lump going but you still have to wait for the egg to come up to temp. Can't rush love!

  • Mark BackerMark Backer Posts: 1,018
    kilo,[p]I love my mapp torch and so does the wife. [p]That said, if you want to know what's bad about the mapp (or potentially bad), ask Nature Boy. He about lost an eye. I only got burned on the shoulder...once.
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,709
    i had a mapp for about 2 years and recently melted the plastic components that were inside. recently found a propane torch head with a 1 inch nozzle that lights just as fast as the mapp, all metal construction. the fastest way to light the egg is with a small shovel of glowing anthasite.

  • YazooYazoo Posts: 145
    katman,[p]Lots of ways. Probably no best way, just preference. I use a MAPP torch, only because I figure that if I use anything else, I still have to light it with something, so rather than light something to light the lump, I just light the lump. That make sense? One thing to be aware and careful of is the sparks that shoot out everywhere when you have the torch flame on the lump. Nature Boy about put his eye out, I've only had them land on my feet. Is it quick? If you're willing to hold the torch on the lump for 5 full minutes, it's real quick. I just start a small fire and let it grow though. Like katman said you still have to wait for the egg to heat up and stabilize.
  • YazooYazoo Posts: 145
    fishlessman,[p]ANTRACITE! You ain't secretly using Kingsford too, are you?
  • JSlotJSlot Posts: 1,218
    Green Heat wins hands down for us.[p]NOTE: Nothing will help crappy charcoal start quickly. Make sure you have good quality lump.[p]Jim
  • kilo,[p]Voice of dissension here. Why is everyone in such a hurry to fire up an egg that, more oft than not, is going to be doing something low and slow? Waiting for the egg to get up to temp gives one time to get their stuff (tongs, foil, thermometer, sauce, pans, et cetera) together, prep the main dish and some of the sides and, in better weather, sip an adult beverage on the deck while things get going?[p]They got some kind of gas grill things that have a "START" buttom on 'em for those that can't wait. [p]Anyhow, a lot of MAPP fans here - so you should get some good info.[p]RE
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,709
    it was so cold this weekend about 5 degrees with 50 mile winds and snowing 4-8 inches an hour, and wicked good being a little tricky to light, well i couldnt resist. didnt seem to have a bad taste and nobody complained, so maybe what they dont know wont kill them

  • GretlGretl Posts: 670
    I put a Weber cube UNDER the firebox, inside the ash area behind the bottom vent. Making sure there's some fresh lump in the firebox and that old lump is stirred and relatively ash free, I just start the cube and it gets the charcoal burning from below. I never have to use more than one cube, and I never wait longer than about 10 minute to get everything up to temperature. I keep the bottom vent and the chimney wide open until the temp gets around 340-400 for an average cook. HTH.

  • JamesJames Posts: 232
    kilo,[p]I use a propane torch. It is fast,and easy. I used to use the little fire cubes until I read about the Propane/Mapp method here.[p]I've never tried the green goo stuff, but that looks pretty easy too..[p]

  • kilo,[p]Check out the BBQ Guru "golf club.' It's an attachment to your propane or mapp torch that you stick into the charcoal. It's probably safer than using a MAPP propane directly. A couple of weeks ago Nature Boy was telling us about how a MAPP torch set off sparks strong enough to hit his eyeball. [p]If you do decide to use a MAPP torch directly, wear safety glasses.[p]
  • TRexTRex Posts: 2,707
    kilo,[p]If you're [p]1) Impatient, and [p]2) Would like an excuse to fire up a torch several times a week,[p]then get a MAPP torch. Only downside is what has already been mentioned - this thing tends to get the sparks flying. Just use the appropriate caution and you'll be Eggin' in no time at all.[p]TRex
  • aka Mr. Earl ,
    Yep, I went out and bought myself some safety glasses, and use the MAPP torch with confidence once again. I will probably pick up a guru golf club lighter at some point, though, as it is even safer I would think. [p]Brett

  • Prof DanProf Dan Posts: 339
    randomegger,[p]You're right that a lot of the cooking is "low and slow." But sometimes, I'll get home from work and I want to burn some steaks ASAP. A "three-point light" with the MAPP torch for 20 seconds at each point, and I'm up to 500° in 10 minutes or so. After another 10 minutes using the "3/3/4" method, it's dinnertime, less than half an hour after I walked in the door!
  • katmankatman Posts: 331
    aka Mr. Earl ,
    I missed the story about Nature Boy, but I had a similar experience. Sparks shot up and a piece stuck to to the outside of my eyelid.

  • Prof Dan,
    I guess I've never been in that much of a hurry. I will confess to eating some late meals on several occasions but have never felt that the time it takes to start an egg with those little sawdust cubes to be prohibitive.[p]And now that I have the small and the mini, it's even quicker. I'll bet the new X-Mini will darned near light itself.[p]RE

  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,709
    aka Mr. Earl ,
    to avoid the sparks i got in the habit of balancing the torch upside down on the side of the egg and standing back. about 2 months ago while doing this i got distracted and left it there to long. when i removed the torch the torch head was on fire and i immediatly tossed it in the lake.there is plastic parts on those torches that can catch fire.i think for safety reasons that the club would be the way to go with the fire away from the cylinder

  • kilo,
    I agree with using a MAPP on three points for 20 seconds each.
    It works every time, versus other methods that sometime work and sometimes just flutter away. I do keep the egg top semi closed to cut down on sparks.[p]I also use the MAPP to start my pellet stove. 30 seconds and it is roaring.[p]Don't forget to wear glasses/goggles.[p]Now, if I still smoked cigars, a MAPP would be interesting![p]Ranny

  • aka Mr. Earl , I used to concentrate the Mapp gas flame on one spot for 20 seconds to get Mr Egg cranked up and got lots of sparks from the lump. Now, I move the flame in a half dollar size, constantly moving pattern and get virtually no sparks or just a little sparking. I always have glasses on, and usually,one glass in hand...Mapp is fast and easy.

  • Toy ManToy Man Posts: 416
    I use either Green Heat or Weber cubes but I agree the leaving to top and bottom open until about 200 to 300 (depending on your desired end temp.) is the way to go.[p]Toy Man
  • kilo,
    Should I be concerned that no one mentioned using an electric "coil" starter. I bought a BGE electric starter and it works great. I stick it in the lump, let it heat up for 8 minutes, and remove it. I have had 100% success with this method. My fires start quick and I have never had a problem managing temp. Also, no injuries to report. However, I am very careful with that coil after I take it out of the egg.[p]Brad

  • ChrisCChrisC Posts: 107
    Fisheyes,[p]This is what I have used from the getgo as well. The only draw back I have heard is that they only last a year plus you have to mess w/ an extension cord if no outlet is close.[p]-Chris

  • kilo,I use a propane weed burner that fits a disposable bottle. Looks like a walking cane. You are up away from charcoal and lites it in about 60 seconds.
    Good Eggin,

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