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New Firebox "Saw Cut"

Primeggister1Primeggister1 Posts: 379
edited 12:42AM in EggHead Forum
Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with the new firebox that has a saw cut?

The saw cut is to allow expansion and contraction of the material "ceramic" when under heat or movement.

Please let me know, I am curious.



  • Wise OneWise One Posts: 2,645
    I've been using one in a large for about two years now and my box has not cracked. The one in my medium is doing well after 6 months or so.
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 8,942
    No idea, but mine (not "saw cut") is cracked vertically in two places on opposite sides. Would imagine that the odds of both cracks happening at the same time are fairly slim, so I'm thinking it cracked once, essentially giving me the supposed stress relief, and then cracked again in SPITE of the stress relief.

    I'm curious to see if the new ones work too.

    If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.    Julia Child

    Central Connecticut 

  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 8,942
    How did you get one two years ago? I thought they just came out with them a few months ago. Or do you know someone in the business? :laugh:

    If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.    Julia Child

    Central Connecticut 

  • Wise OneWise One Posts: 2,645
    John at BGE asked me to try one out when I was in the store one day. You don't think they just bring these things out without field testing do you? :)
  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 8,942
    Ahh, the advantages of living nearby. :laugh:

    If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.    Julia Child

    Central Connecticut 

  • Can't compare to Wise One, but mine has been fine since last May. Many cooks at quite a few temps, plus a couple accidental journeys into quadruple digits.

    The medium I bought used has a crack right in the same place the new ones are cut. Maybe it will wind up just like CQ's.
  • Hey Wise One,

    Glad to hear BGE is doing testing with customers or professional cooks (not sure of your background). How well do you know John at the BGE?

    I believe you are referring to the John in Reseasch and Development, right?

    I know the modification was released in 2010.
  • So you have no problems with the Saw Cut firebox? I have 3 Eggs and the XL's are of the old style and after I cooked on them for the first time (second start up - first start up was to make sure the gasket sticks well)and got to a temp of 400 degrees and held it for 2.5 hours they both cracked under heat stress.

    The medium I have, which is 6 months old and has been through numerous high heat cooks, ranging from 500 - 700 degree from 1 - 2 hour durations, has not a crack.

    I was just putting a feeler out there to see what if everyone is happy with the new modification.
  • No problems, seems like a good modification to me. Plenty of people have multi-piece boxes, though.
  • Have an XL, 1 crack for over a year, but the other day cooked a pizza and afterwords the firebox was in two pieces. Went yo my dealer who ordered me a new firebox with the saw cut. Also ordered my 2nd BGE a medium with a nest & handler. Can't wait for my new toys
  • rahrah Posts: 11
    New XL cracked across from saw cut from top to bottom in the first month.
  • Problem with ceramics or concrete or materials of a similar nature is that, the crack across from the cut could have been there before your first cook. Meaning a slight hair line that sometimes the eye can't even see. I do not know if the liquid ceramic material when poured is vibrated or could have been handle when it was to fresh still. These Eggs are a premium product but they are also mass produced. Sometimes there is a bad one in the bunch.

    I have heard through the dealers in Canada that they have not heard of any cracking and no warranties as of yet. It is the way to go, until there is even a better way, which I have some of my own thoughts.
  • valrunevalrune Posts: 134
    Can one cut thier own uncracked firebox (with proper ceramic cutting tools) to prevent future fragmentations?
  • If there is not current crack...yes. You have to be sure. And the best place to get it cut is a granite shope that make counter tops. They have to secure it to the table, if they cannot figure that out then you need the right high speed dimond blade that is on a really good grinder. Slow and steady, I would not attemp and used XL firebox because there probably is a crack that you may not see or notice.

    Hope this helps.
  • They were tested late 2009 and early 2010.
  • My dealer just delivered my new medium BGE today and it has the cut firebox. Didn't notice it until they left and I was concerned until I read this forum. Thanks for the info.
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