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ok, its not that hard!!....don't stress out!!. ...think of your egg as an will all be ok. ...if you haven't gone there yet, go to mad max turkey central and READ!!!!!

now, some things to calm you down.. ..

1. it isn't all exact - you don't have to follow the instructions to the letter - don't want to use wine - DON"T (use chicken or turke broth, or apple cider, or beer, just so long as you have some liquid in the pan) ....don't like herbs - DON"T USE THEM - go with a rub of choice, or simple salt and pepper - USE WHAT EVER YOU LIKE!!. ..

2. the setup...just make sure it all fits!!!. . .and you have a full load of lump (to within an inch or so of the bottom of the platesetter, or pizza stone or whatever you want to use as your heat barrier. ..and that the pan is sitting above that barrier using the green feet or copper Els or balls of alluminum foil, or whatever - IT DOESN"T MATTER WHATEVER, just make sure there is airflow between the pan and the heat barrier and that there is always some liquid in the pan to prevent your drippings from burning ...

3. v-rack/trivet/root veggies(celery and/or carrots) or fruit(apple slices) to prop up the turkey in your pan ...IT DOESN"T MATTER. just need something so that the bird isn't sitting in the juices....

4. HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE??!!! you are treating the egg like your oven ....what do the instructions say on the package your bird came in regarding size/temp/time....keeping in mind that this is usually based on a finishing temp of 170 in the breast....if you follow my advice on icing the breasts it should take around 12 - 15 minutes per pound at 325-350 dome temp to hit 160 in the breast and 180 in the thighs . . ..but this is based on a large turkey (18 - 22 pounds) ....smaller birds may cook faster ....KEEP TRACK OF THE DAMN THING and don't let the dome temp thermometer poke in the bird!!!! if you come out and check your bird after 1 hour and the dome temp reads 220 and your breast is charred, you have a problem!!!!

5. basting ....i baste approximately 3 times per hour....but if you don't ITS OK!!!!! the bird won't be ruined ....don't drive yourself crazy with a stopwatch or somehting. .. ..even if you only baste once an hour, you will probably be just fine .. ...

6. it ain't done till its done!!!!...don't trust the times/temps/etc. ...check the the drumstick rotating freeling?? are the juices running clear when you poke a skewer deep in the breast..ITS DONE!!!. ..and it may take less time, or more time than the 'book' said it would ....thats OK!!!!. .if its done 3 hours before dinner time...THATS OK TOO...just wrap it in foil and set it in a corner while you do other has a lot of mass and will stay hot/warm till serving time....and still be moist and delicious. ... quit panicking....and go forth and cook with confidence....its really not that hard!!!....and by all means, go make the gravy, but don't ask if the wine is required or not....ITS NOT!!!!..use if you want...and any white that you would drink will work just fine!!! :)


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