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Beer Butt Blues

edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Really enjoying my new large BGE, haved cooked about anything that isn't moving with good results....except: My luck with beer-butt chicken is terrible. I use chicken stands with the cooking grid at normal position--like everyone else, use a 7inch drip pan under each chicken, and cook at 250-300 (also tried 350). Normally I try to cook 3 chickens (about 3 lbs a piece)at a time.[p]Use a polders to monitor thigh temperature, but at 175 thigh temp I always get overdone breast (neck area is partly seared)and partly raw thigh meat. Always happens with a crowd waiting and have to put everything back in grill or oven to finish the thighs.To the point now where my wife says no more chicken![p]Anyone have a fool-proof way to do butt chicken?? [p]Thanks!


  • "Anyone have a fool-proof way to do butt chicken??"[p]Yes.[p]1) Pour all of the beer into a glass.[p]2) Throw the can away.[p]3) Spatchcock the chicken and cook it.[p]:)
  • VaEgger,i do beer butts all the time with great success. . . first, i use the cans. .. . but what i do is take a couple of empty soda cans, cut the tops completely off, then put about 1/2 can of beer in each, along with a teaspoon of whatever rub i've put on the chicken. . .this does two things, one, it makes it much easier to insert the can in the bird as you can 'pinch' the top if you need to for easier insertion and 2, it makes it easier to add stuff to the beer. .. [p]you can always go the spatchcock route, which is also great. . and one thing you can do is put an open can of beer right in the firebox. .. that will still get you the 'steaming' effect of the beer. . . [p]but as a lover of the beer butts, i say, try, try again. .. you'll get there. . .[p]second, i put the grid on top of an inverted plate setter. .. gets the birds higher up in the dome for more even roasting. . .[p]i roast at 325 dome temp for right at 1 1/2 hours for 3.5 - 4 lb roasters. . . i end up with excellent results every time. . .
  • BobinFlaBobinFla Posts: 361
    BluesnBBQ,[p]LOL![p]That's pretty much *my* method, except that I don't always use the glass. And I think you left "Drink the beer"[p]BOB
  • BobinFla,[p]I assumed everyone already knew that step. :)
  • BobinFlaBobinFla Posts: 361
    BluesnBBQ,[p]Yabbut, you never know about those that want to put beer up a chicken's butt...
  • VaEgger,[p]May I suggest brining your chicken first? I will usually brine overnight (approx. 18 hours) with 1/4 c salt for every 4 c of water, or 1 c salt for every gallon of water.
    Then cook it on a beer can for an hour per lb indirect at 250 or thereabouts.[p]My wife does not eat beef or pork. Reluctantly, I have become the designated chicken-man. Everyone who samples it swears it the tastiest and moistest(?) chicken they've ever had. [p]Recent drawback - I froze some dark meat and brought it out last night. It had a ham-like taste from the brine. Frozen breast meat has never had this taste. I may cut back my salt by 25% or so. Also I have read that a whole chicken need only brine 8 - 12 hours. May try tha too.[p]Yes, some will call this cheating. However, none of the big 3 rules is broken: propane, kingsford. electricity. So they can blow it out their beer-butt.[p]Good Luck, I'd love to read your next results - astick

  • NessmukNessmuk Posts: 251
    5 years ago I visited a BBQ store. They had a set of Spanek's Eiffel towers on sale. I don't know what I paid for them nor fully understood them.[p]Since then, all fowl is cooked on the Spanek system. My immediate family are my judges & critiques. They want their fowl cooked vertically & do not save any juices.[p]It is easy & simple. Just insert the polder in the breast & watch the temps rise.[p]At about 225-250, it takes from 4 to 6 hours. I mist all products every hour with olive oil & apple juice.[p]

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