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New Green Egg

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Help!! My husband and I just received a green egg as a gift from someone who did not want it (go figure). He did not have any instructions. Can anyone help me with the basics?
Buzi V


  • EarlEarl Posts: 468
    Buzi Taylor,[p] First off, you have just increased you BBQ enjoyment 10 fold. What size did you luckout getting. Large 18", med
    16" & small 13". All sizes are for the dimensions of round
    opening. When it comes to instructions this forum is one
    of the best. However if you contact the Egg people at
    1-800-939-3447, they will send you out a book. My be a small fee, talk with them.
    Welcome & enjoy your Egg, wish someone gave me mine. Even
    so, glad to have one.[p] Earl

  • Smokin' ToddSmokin' Todd Posts: 1,099
    Buzi Taylor,
    Though many will disagree with this one, but the one "basic" I will offer is so start out the Egg with low-temp cooks, and gradually increase temps as u gain more eggsperience to "break-in" the Egg, which increases the chance of immediate cracks on the Egg and its' components. And take it from me, and many others, DO NOT BE ALARMED if your Egg cracks!!
    One other advantage of the Big Green Egg is you can get reference on cooking anything on this forum...and of course you also get Nature Boy!
    Enjoy your Egg!

  • Smokin' ToddSmokin' Todd Posts: 1,099
    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS!...I meant DECREASE the chance of immmediate cracks...NOT increase. Sorry for the mistake.

  • Buzi Taylor, you are going to get some great information here,, so I'll just add humor.. If your friends who gave you their egg have children,,,, RUN! They'll probably be bringing them to you also.. I can't imagine anyone parting with their BGE, unless they are moving to the International Space Station.. You are going to fall in love with your egg.

  • Buzi Taylor,[p] I would recommend checking out TimM's and gfw's websites for some information. You can get the addresses from thei visitor profiles on this forum. The most basic thing you need to know is that you should use *lump* charcoal, not briquettes. Open the BGE, remove the grid and use fill the firebox with lump charcoal to a bit above the holes. Light with a firestarter cube or newspaper (no lighter fluid!) placed in through the bottom vent door. Make sure the opening in the firebox is aligned with the bottom vent door! Put the grid back on and wait for the BGE to reach the desired temperature. Once you have a fire going, the sky's the limit. It's probably worth a call the BGE to get a manual. Or, check out a local retailer and read through one there.[p]MikeO
  • SpinSpin Posts: 1,375
    Buzi Taylor,[p]Congratulations! All of us are now green with envy.[p]Basics:[p]1- Your Egg is designed to use lump charcoal. Lump burns hotter and much cleaner than briquets.[p]2- The Egg has four (4) internal pieces. From top to bottom they are; grill, fire ring, fire box, and fire grate (sets in the firebox). There is an opening in the firebox (under the fire grate) that must face the lower vent opening for proper operation. The lump rests on the fire grate in the fire box. Fill to above the holes in the side of the fire box. Lump is easily lit and requires no lighter fluid.[p]3- Cooking temperature is registered by the gauge located in the dome. Temperature is controlled by the adjustment of the upper and lower air vents. You control the temp by starving the fire of oxygen. It is much easier to control (limit) rising temperatures than to wait for the temp to drop back down.[p]4- All cooking (even grilling) is done with the dome closed.[p]5- Your Egg may be an older design. The older Eggs can cook like blazes up to about 300-350F. Above that, you risk cracking it. The newer Eggs can easily take 1000F+. Make sure you know what Egg you have.[p]6- Holler here if we can be of more help.[p]Spin

  • SpinSpin Posts: 1,375
    Smokin' Todd,[p]I understand your misuse of terms (we all do it:-)).[p]I can't reason why you would offer that the Egg needs to "break-in" in fear that it will crack. The first cooks on both of my Eggs was steak seared at 700+F. They both have done this many times since.[p]The BGE Co. requires no "break-in" of the purchased product prior to its use for higher temperature cooking. It is ready to cook as delivered.[p]I would offer that the users need to "break-in" to understanding the cooker they have.[p]Spin
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