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blood pressure dropping

fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,845
edited November -1 in Weight Loss Forum
been monitoring my blood pressure since starting this, im averaging about 124 over 78, used to be slightly higher on the top number but the bottom number was more like 88, even before i dropped the meds against dr's orders. anyone know how bad 124 systolic is for someone mid forties, what problems is caused by that, seems close enough for what i see on the web for recommended pressures. wonder what it would be if i stopped the beer diet and excersized


  • Misippi EggerMisippi Egger Posts: 5,095

    Depends on any other health problems you might have.

    124/78 is an excellent BP by most all standards. The bottom number (diastolic) is the most important one for heart health as it reflects the "rest' the heart gets between beats (pretty simplistic answer :( ). An extremely high systolic (top) number sets up a risk for a stroke.

    "textbook" Bp is 120/80. I strive to keep mine at or below 117/76. This comes from the book "Real Age" (and website), where on can see the things to do to try to keep your physiologic (body) age less than your chronologic (calendar) age.

    Hope that rambling helps! Bottom line - you're doing great !
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,845
    closest health problem was my grandfather, heartattack at 52. would like to see the top number drop before i get another dr appointment, it always reads higher at the dr office than at home. maybe the next 20 pounds lost will fix that :) does coffee effect the top number, if i have 1 cup a day it turns into more than a dozen cups for the day, i cant stop drinking it once i start.
  • fishlessman wrote:
    ... it always reads higher at the dr office than at home ...
    Same here. The doctor calls it white coat hypertension. I bought a home BP monitor and log my BP three times a day for the week before my checkup. She still checks it there of course, and it's always high, but she goes by my measurements for diagnosis. In my case, it makes the difference between meds and no meds.
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