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Welcome To All The New Eggers - A Gift To You

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When I got my first egg it took me a while to find all the ‘stuff’ discussed here on the forum. What follows below are links to some of the sites with great information, recipes and goodies/accessories.

What you see below is not an all inclusive list and it is in no particular order. It is a good start and and will get you some quick valuable information. The following focuses on BGE Products and accessories, tools made by Forum Members. With that in mind if you come upon a site that should be included let me know.

Each of the following sites have great recipes and information. Some suggestions are provided, however, each site has much more to offer – recipes, tips, how too, tools. Take the time to visit and explore the sites below.

Copy this and email it to yourself for future reference or Bookmark this post.

- The Mother Ship (BGE Headquarters) -
- New information from the Mother Ship -
- BGE Components (what everything in & on the egg called) -
- BGE HQ Recipes -

- Forum Recipes -
- Boiling Point Calculator (Forum) -

- Paper Towel & Oil to light the lump -
- Food Cooking Temperatures (when it’s done) - - Food Cooking Temperatures (when it's done) -

- A guide to Vent Settings & what is clear smoke -

- The Naked Whiz site (TNW) is very unique and has a huge amount of information to help the Big Green Egg user. Please take time to visit and read the articles. Many of your questions and techniques are described in detail. -
- TNW faq’s -
- TNW how to place the DFMT (daisy wheel) so the settings don’t change –
- TNW Flashback (very important) -

- Thirdeye hosts Playing With Fire and Smoke. Another great site with a lot of help and fantastic recipes - - A lot of great experience to be found here. Pastrami, Prime Rib & Buckboard Bacon are just a few of the easy and shouldn’t be left out to do cooks.
- Chicken and Veggies - option=com_simpleboard&Itemid=112&func=view&catid=1&id=626228#626228 – Great first or anytime cook. Also check out AZRP’s ‘The Chicken’ this recipe is in the Forum Recipe section.

- Trex, great steaks but watch those gaskets - (House of Faulkner) Trex-ing also available from TNW Site
- Wess B many recipes -

- Celtic Spirit BBQ, Celtic Wolf’ Pulled Pork how to -
- Eggnerd’s BGE Page -
- North Carolina Pulled Pork – Elder Ward Mmmm Goood -

- Mad Max’s Turkey & Gravy - via The Naked Whiz Site
- GFW’s BBQ – (GFW’s BBQ)
- Qbabe’s BBQ Adventure -
- Bubba Tim and Little Chef (cuz he keeps buggin me about his link) -
- Wanting to Wok on the egg a site provided by Spring Chicken -

Dealers with instructions and recipes – Some of these sites have great recipes & How Too’s also:
- Grill Mates (Chubby Special) for the small egg - More details via TNW site more pictures -
- Big’un Carnivore BBQ Sauce -

- Ceramic Grills Store - Don’t miss out seeing the accessories Tom has fabricated. The Adjustable Rig & Spider are both great products and in my top 2 must haves.
- Dizzy Pig Rubs (DP) real good flavor -
- Lawn Ranger -

- Playing With Fire & Smoke (Thirdeye) scroll down the page a little -
- Fred’s Music and BBQ - -

Thermometers – I would think most every forum member will advise getting the Thermopen instant read. They are pricey but well worth the investment. There the MTC is also an option as long as you pick up the fast reading probe. Both are fast reading and extremely accurate.
- Thermapen one of the best investments for better cooks (don’t substitute to save $$) –
- MTC – (get the 2 sec read probe)
- Maverick ET-73 (abt. $40 online) Pit & Food probes with remote & alarms – I really like mine, some members don’t like them at all. -

Appears to be partially Egg related – all recipes will work on the egg, for that matter most any recipe will work on the egg:
- USDA Safe Food Handling Fact Sheets -
- Tim M’s -
- Dalton Grill & Smoke -

Enjoy, Kent


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