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Why do you love your egg?

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Once upon a time, not too many years ago, I used to love to bar-b-que.
It was an old square shaped, briquette fired grill with a homemade hood and electric spit for turning chickens and roasts on.
The wonderful taste of the food that came off of that grill will never be forgotten.
Now I look out in the backyard and I see a 500 dollar gas grill that I can honestly say: it has never produced one memorable meal in all the years I have owned it.
I have decided to try another type of bar-b-que and I have to ask...
What is it that makes your Big Green Egg so special?
I am looking for your personal feelings about your Big Green Egg be it good, bad, or indifferent.
Would you buy another one? Which one do you prefer?
What is the most memorable meal that you ever prepared on the Egg. What was your biggest disaster.


  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,971
    You aren't the first to ask those questions and, my bet is you won't be the last.
    Had an old gassy and was sent out to research a Webber replacement. Came home with a $700 BGE including the table and all of the toys. (Nearly got a divorce on that one)Since that wonderful day three years ago my family teases me about my relationship with Mr. Egg and loves the food that he produces for them. They bought me a Mini for my birthday a couple of years ago. I'm trying ot figure out how to get a medium into the house. (I plan to tell her I won it in a raffle at the dealers)Would I buy another Egg? Yougottabekidding!
    PS My neighbor bought one of the Webber fancy gas grills and wonders openly to me why his food doesn't taste the same as mine from the Egg. I cook an occasional chicken for him and his wife just to show him what a nice guy I am and to remind him that he should have listened to me.

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    Redray,[p]You wrote, "Now I look out in the backyard and I see a $500 dollar gas grill that I can honestly say: it has never produced one memorable meal in all the years I have owned it."[p]That has to be one of the best lines I have ever read here on this forum in 4 years. That sums up gas cooking perfectly and certainly speaks for the 3-5 gas rigs I have owned prior to finding ceramic cookers. I can remember the many racks of chared ribs, fires that go out when the gas bottle (with few ways to judge it's level of fullness) goes out while guests are watching, the fabulous burgers and hot dogs that came out of them - tasted just like Burger King (yum). I agree, I can't recall one historic meal from the darn things. [p]My wife use to bug me crasy to get rid of the gasser and get another Webber. Ohh, I had been very happy when I gave up the $5 bags of briquettes that lasted 3 meals, the added taste of starter fluids, and the tons of ash the next day. I did miss the tatse from charcoal but was unwilling to go back to the Webber that I knew could not make good ribs either. Then I found a Bge and the store had it fired up and cooking ribs - I bought it on the spot and brought it home. [p]I have had a few meals that didn't come out well. Most involved too much smoke from adding wood to cooking at too low a temp (chicken and foul need 325° at least or you get gray and rubbery chicken). The good memorable meals outweigh the bad many times over. My website has many of my better meals featured, as well as a couple not-so-memorable ones. [p]Tim
    [ul][li]Tim's Place on the web[/ul]
  • Kelly KeefeKelly Keefe Posts: 471
    Redray,[p]I'm not so sure it's the cooker so much as the gestalt that makes a good cook special, and I think many people miss the point. The point is to simply relax and enjoy being on the patio/deck with good friends. The food is a bonus.[p]I've never used a gas grill (OK, I DO own one, but it's still in the box. It was a Y2K purchase and on sale to boot.) and have never been tempted to use one. It seems to me the only "selling point" to a gasser is that it's "quick". Quick don't hunt when the idea is to relax. You want quick? Get take out or stay in the kitchen.[p]BGE, Weber, whatever. I love 'em all just as long as I can have a cold beverage of my choice, some time to sit and think or talk, some good music, my friends, and if lucky a critter or two to watch. Just one man's opinion of heaven.[p]Kelly
  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    <p />Redray,[p]I've had a fetish for cooking toys all of my life and got into Egging about 6 years ago. IMHO, there is no other rig that can produce food as good as what comes off the Egg. They are very versatile, easy to use and I love the ritual of charcoal cooking which might require getting your hands dirty.[p]As you can see, I like them so much that I acquired the complete set of sizes. As an Egg owner, you will inherit a lifetime guarantee and the finest and most helpfull "cult" of forum friends you could ever imagine.[p]Pizza and pork butt are my favorites as well as steaks. I did ruin a batch of filets one time by screwing around with 4 digit temps.[p]Join the fun,[p]chileside.gif

  • CajunCajun Posts: 147
    Redray,[p]I must say, I have had very few (if any) disasters on my BGE. Truthfully, I have just followed the advise of the members of this Forum and have "gone-to-it" with outstanding results.[p]To say that the BGE provides great results may be somewhat of an understatement though. I am a Cajun, Love to Cook, Know How to Cook, and absolutely love the food I can produce from the EGG.[p]I do not see any possible way to go wrong by going to an egg. But if you do like bar-b-que, buy a large to begin with. You will not regret it. I got my large for Christmas last year, and there is not a weekend that gone by where it was not in use. Sometimes all day both days, with various cooks. Well, there was one weekend where I visited my grandkids in Cleveland where I didn't Q that weekend.[p]I love my BGE because it is a cooking tool that I can control implicitly (especially now that I have those riny thingys) and I can go from pizza to crawfish pie without skipping a beat. And with better flavor (my wife and I love a heavier smoked flavor) than I could ever get on the stovetop and oven (which has been utilized very very little since getting the egg. [p]Bottom line....... I love it. You will too. I guaranteeee[p]Cajun
  • SmokeySmokey Posts: 2,468
    Redray,[p]There are some great thoughts posted here and I share the feelings. [p]After a few years of work when, I started making some money, I upgraded a $125 cheepo gas grill to a Webber Genesis gas grill(about $450). After two or three cooks, I realized the more expensive gas grill didn't taste any different than the cheep one, my wallet was just a bit thinner. That's when I saw the light(I mean found the egg). I know, I'm making it sound like a bit of a religious experience, but for food, it almost is![p]Smokey
  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    Redray:[p]As a youth and young adult all I cooked on were charcoal fired grills. I really enjoyed the food from these various basic grills.[p]One day I thought I would surprise The Princess with a nice Ducane for our outdoor cooking pleasure. Really a disappointment. Over the years we had it I probably used it a dozen times. The Princess used it exclusively and as far as I am concerned the oven or cook top could have produced cooked food equally as well.[p]When I discovered ceramic cooking I was back in "hog heaven" because it combined the wonderful flavor of lump charcoal and the moisture retention properties of ceramic cooking. So for me ceramic cooking has reopened the door to wonderful tasting grilled food and food that is not dried out by the time it is done.[p]Like Tim, too much smoke can spoil a cook. So be careful in finding your level of smoke enjoyment.[p]Regarding taste, there was a study done that found no difference between gas and charcoal grilled foods. My taste buds don't buy it. The Ducane has a new home. Must be something to this ceramic cooking, heh?
  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    <p />Redray,
    I have owned a egg for the last 14 years...I gave my gas grill away...I don't think you can buy a better grill at any price.

  • Redray,
    Lots of posts below about how good the egg is, and I agree with them all. Your post however asked what we disliked about it as well, so I will be the prude and answer that.[p]1. They are heavy. Period. If you get one, plan on it staying wherever you put it. This may be a bonus to some but personally I would like some things to be a bit mobile.[p]2. Because they are ceramic they have a chance of breaking. I have never cracked mine but have heard of some misfutunes suffered by others. I think that they the minority but it is a risk none the less.[p]Other than that I don't have any complaint about them at all (and those aren't really complaints!).[p]Matt.

  • Wise OneWise One Posts: 2,645
    Redray, for Christmas 1972 my father gave me a Chrm-Glow gas grill with all the accessories (rotisserie, shish-kebab, fish cooker). I had replaced the burner twice (should have replaced it about 10 times) and cooked on it at least twice a week. then for Fathers Day of 2000 I asked my wife to replace the Brinkman smoke my sister had loaned us and then retrieved. She bought me a medium green egg. She suggested I go ahead and cook chicken for dinner on it and despite my reluctance (smokers were for special occasions - maybe once a month or so) I agreed. The chicken came out overcooked but it was incredibly moist. After almost thirty years of cooking shoe-leather (my wife likes her meat well done) I finally found that you could actually have well done and good tasting meat at the same time. Since that day, I have cooked exactly once on the old gas grill. My biggest disaster wwere some ribs that I cooked (I thought) according to a very popular recipe. They were totally overdone, burned and awful. I don't know what went wrong becasue I have done ribs since that came out absolutely fantastic. My biggest success was the Jerked Grouper with Papaya Jam (in which I used neither grouper - used talapia - nor papaya - used mango). It was a total success. Boston Butts done low and slow to pulled pork are fantastic but I have done so many of them now that my family is starting to expect them (and has stopped buying pulled pork from BBQ shacks). My wife routinely takes whole chickens (normal or spatchcocked) to friends and neighbors which she never did before. [p]Overall, I think the BGE is fantastic. I have given one to my brother for Christmas and to my nephew for his wedding.
    I have also acquired two more for myself. Is it foolproof? No. Is it difficult? No. Like any good tool, it does require some experience to get the most benefit from it, but a good deal of that experience can come over the first three or four cooks. [p]

  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 10,246
    I think it was Irma Rombauer who coined the phrase, "The Joy of Cooking." I believe the phrase fits perfectly when describing cooking on a Big Green Egg. [p]Get an Egg. You will make some mistakes along the way but that's part of the learning process. You will also gain confidence from each cook and start to experiment with your own ideas. You will begin to think about next weekend's cook before this weekend is over. You will spend a great deal of time reading posts on the BGE Forum. Your sense of smell and taste will intensify and you will gradually understand how or why certain seasonings compliment each other. You will want to share your success with friends and they will look forward to visiting your home. You will become a local hero. More than anything you will have fun. [p]Get an Egg.[p]Spring Chicken
    Spring Texas USA

  • Redray,
    My better (much better) half offered to buy me one for our anniversery. I knew nothing about the egg. It looked like a stretched out Weber & I thought it was made out of metal, like the weber. Big deal. I told her I'd look into it, just to humor her. The local dealer let me borrow their BGE video. It was there I learned about the benefits of ceramic cooking. After watching the video I became more interested in the ceramic egg. I knew the video was company sponsered marketing. I needed a more unbiased opinion. What caused me to turn the corner and get Humpty were the people here at this forum. I have never met more helpful & friendly people. I lurked around a few days and was just amazed at the wealth of information and help from people who don't have any affiliation with BGE.[p]To sum up, thanks to the nice folks here I got a large and I abso-posi-lutely love my egg. I WILL be getting a second egg. My Weber gassy is now a handy $400 wood chip & fire starter container. BGE supports their products. It is the best cooking investment our family ever made.[p]Good luck on your decision.[p]lns

  • Prof DanProf Dan Posts: 339
    Redray,[p]As a gas owner for the last 20 years [and an Egger for the last 10 months], I can say without doubt that there is no comparison in terms of flavor. It's not close. [p]The next question is whether to get a metal grill/smoker or ceramic. That is a somewhat closer question, because you can use lump charcoal [NEVER briquettes!] and wood chips on either one. The ceramic retains heat, which means that the food cooks from all sides and you don't have to use such a hot fire to compensate for the heat radiated by the metal So you can cook at a lower grill temperature for a shorter time, resulting in much juicier food. Again, I speak from experience. [p]Now that it's down to which ceramic smoker, take your pick. They are all good, as far as I know.[p]To answer your last question, I have not had one disaster since I started Egging. Even my first several tries were terrific. I have discovered, though, that low and slow poultry is not as good as higher temperature, which is counterintuitive.[p]Finally, I have kept my gas grill. I use it for heating up leftovers, wrapped in foil, and for roasting eggplants [like a broiler], and for burning grease and crud off of grills and racks.[p]

  • WudEyeDooWudEyeDoo Posts: 201
    Are you a golfer? I hope so because I am going to use a golf analogy here.[p]Remember 20 or 30 years ago when the only kind of irons were those forged kind and you had to hit them in the sweet spot or your ball wouldn't go anywhere? If you could hit it in the sweet spot everytime, you loved them because that golf ball would really take off. The pros and the low handicappers loved them and swore by them because they always hit it great, keeping a wider distance between them and us "duffers". Then PING came out with some revolutionary irons that were perimeter weighted that had a much larger sweet spot and were much more forgiving. Us duffers loved them because we could hit good shots even when we didn't strike the ball perfectly. Those irons sold like hotcakes. The pro's scoffed at them saying "they looked kind of funny and were expensive, and besides, it's just a fad and nothing beats a well hit forged iron."[p]Today every golf club manufacturer makes some variation of those perimeter weighted clubs and you would be hard pressed to find some forged clubs to buy even if you wanted them. Almost all the pros have switched to the new style clubs and every duffer I know uses them. That's because they are a better club. Some fad, huh.[p]For a backyard BBQ'er, the BGE is the PING of cookers. It is a much more forgiving cooker and that is a big attraction to a "duffer" like me. I have cooked many meals that I think even the pro's would be proud of. You will find there are some "pro's" out there on other forums who scoff at the BGE saying it "looks kind of funny and is too expensive and besides, nothing beats a good metal cooker." Give them time, those backyard Q-pro's will come around eventually because the BGE is simply a better cooker.[p]Bob

  • hounddoghounddog Posts: 126
    Other complaint, if you want to call it that.[p]This cooker gets so hot that it creates flashbacks. The great thing about this is that it permits you to do some things that you can't do with any other cooker I have used because you can get the thing REALLY hot.[p]The bad thing is that you need to be careful with that kind of heat, and you may lose hair figuring that out. [p]I sure did.
  • sdbeltsdbelt Posts: 267
    Redray,[p]Thank you for the well formed questions. We see this same basic question asked so many ways, but it's refreshing to see it asked in a way, that I hope you can agree, is achieving the result you had wanted.[p]I've owned two grills in my short adult cooking life (9 yrs). The first was a $150 gas grill, purchased at Home Depot. The Tim Allen in me really liked the notion of this grill, and approximately once a month (or less), I cooked chicken, or burgers, or steak, or fish on it. The food was usually fine. Chicken and burgers were usually better than anything else, but if I was really honest with myself, I think I was doing it more because it seemed like what I should do, rather than doing it because the result was better than I could get on my stove/oven. In fact, as the grill grew older, I began using that gasser less and less, and my stove/oven more and more. [p]As the years went on (I think the gasser was in my posession for 8 yrs), I had occassion to meet and enjoy the wonderful food cooked by AZGator. Over the 6 years I've known him, he's acquired a WSM and a Large BGE, and in that time, he's shared some food with me a time or two, and while the food was great, I still wasn't totally sold.[p]The thing that actually pushed me over the edge, was a desire to make my own smoked jerky. I'd borrowed his WSM, and wasn't having much luck with it, but I figured I just needed more practice. After 6 months, I finally decided it was time to get my own. I went to the store to buy a WSM for myself, and left the store with a Large BGE.[p]The combination of AZGator's food and the store clerk's comments sold me. It was a significant price jump, but I justified this in my mind due to the added versatility of the Egg. When I bought the BGE, I was unaware of any other ceramic cookers on the market.[p]Having tried the WSM for several cooks, and now having owned my BGE for a year, I still believe I've made the correct choice. I've cooked things on my Egg that I could never have cooked on a WSM, and that turned out better than I could have ever achieved on either my stove/oven or a gas grill. Steak, burgers, pizza, and fish are all examples in this category.[p]I've also cooked things that came out about the same as the WSM cooks, most notably, the brined turkeys I'm fond of doing during the holidays. [p]I've cooked ribs better and worse on my BGE, than the WSM. For me, however, rib cooking is relatively new. Until 1.5 yrs ago, I'd never made them, and it took me quite a few cooks to get where I was happy with the result.[p]Brisket and pulled pork I never attempted on the WSM. Both have been easy and turned out wonderful on my BGE. [p]And finally, chicken has been nothing short of a dream, coming off the Egg. It's amazing what the BGE does to something we've all eaten more times than we care to admit, and turns it into something completely different.[p]I've never cooked anyting on my BGE that I couldn't or didn't eat. My worst cooks have all been overcooked ribs, but there's something about ribs that still makes them edible, even when a bit dried out. I've also had a couple of overdried batches of jerky, and then other jerky that is simply fantastic (the more recent batches).[p]For each food item that I've cooked on my BGE, I can honestly say that I've been able to achieve a cook that was the best I've ever done for that item in my life. My best pizza, steak, chicken, burgers, etc. For any food I've ever cooked another way, I think I've been able to cook it better on my BGE. Perhaps that's just because I'm more experienced, and I'm trying harder, or perhaps it's because this cooker is better. If it's the former, the coincidence is pretty remarkable.[p]Finally, you asked what I don't like about my BGE. I don't like that it is so heavy and basically not portable, but then again, my gas grill wasn't portable either, even though it wasn't as heavy (I never took it camping, and never wanted to, but I would like to take my BGE camping. A second, smaller and more portable BGE is likely in my future). As well, I don't like that it uses a consumable like lump charcoal, which I could one day forget to restock, and then be unable to cook. A natural gas grill, hooked to the home's supply doesn't have this problem. I also don't like the somewhat limited capacity of the BGE. Many have been very ingenious about maximizing the capacity of the BGE, but bottom line, there are other cookers that have significantly larger capacity than a Large BGE, and on occassion, that would be desireable. Along with this, I don't like that a single BGE only supports one temperature. I can't slow roast potatoes, while searing steaks on the same grill at the same time. And finally, I also don't like the name. It's always a bit embarrassing to cough up that name when you are telling someone else about it. It's technically an accurate name, but just seems childish. I'd prefer a name that had ceramic or a derivation of ceramic in the name.[p]And there you have it. I'm a fan of the BGE. Oh, and about that gas grill, I moved into a new home last June, and for some reason the grill wasn't on the truck when we unloaded it.[p]--sdb

  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,508
    <p />Redray,
    Yeah. What they said.[p]All but the portability issue. I say just slap them babies in the vehicle, strap em down and go.[p]Best of luck with being up and Qing in no time. Whatever you decide.[p]Beer to you.
    Twitter: @dizzypigbbq
    Facebook: Dizzy Pig Seasonings
    Instagram: @DizzyPigBBQ
  • Angie2BAngie2B Posts: 543
    I have a mini egg and really like it. I declined all Mother's Day gifts from Hubby and Kids so that I can add a bunch of holidays together to get a medium or large. I like the fact that if I am willing to brave the elements I can smoke or grill in the dead of winter. This is just a really fun grill to mess around with. However, I think I will always have a gas grill because sometimes its nice to grill without smelling like smoke. :)

  • ChuckChuck Posts: 812
    <p />Redray, [p]I guess you get the idea. Most meals are memorable for all the right reasons and only a few for the no so right reasons. Honestly, I have had 2 bad meals from my eggs. The first was an over brined, over smoked turkey. It was picture perfect but tasted aweful and had an aweful texture. The 2nd was over smoked chicken breast. Both were the fault of the cook, not the cooker.[p]As far as which one, get a large IMO. I just don't see the down side short of a few dollars. And yes, even with three on the deck, I would and probably will, buy another. Probably a small for traveling and small cooks that won't fit on the mini.[p]My wonderul $600.00 gas grill hasn't been lit for over a year. I might have to raffle it off.[p]Join the club, you won't be sorry.[p]Chuck <><
  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    <p />Chuck,
    Gas grills are great to store your egg tools.

  • Redray,
    Why do I love my egg? Ribs, butt, pork tenderloin, steaks, hamburgers, chicken, wings, fish, and even okra. All very memorable cooks. [p]Would I buy another? Probably, however I have a large and usually don't need another. If I were in your shoes right now, you bet I would buy an egg over anything else.[p]My wife wanted to keep the gas grill around, just in case I was out of town. Well, we just got rid of the gas grill because she has learned how to cook on the egg too.[p]Disasters: I have never been able to do a good brisket. I am going to try again someday though.

  • ChuckChuck Posts: 812
    YB, Great idea and photo. I love the mini table, I may have to build me one of those. If you have any plans or a more detailed photo, I would greatly appreciate and email. Thanks.[p]Chuck <><

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    <p />Chuck,
    I'm leaving for Bryson city N.C. in the morning...When i get back i will take some better pictures and e-mail to you.It's a old typewriter table with Corian on it...Here is a picture of the folding bar stool i made to take to ball games... Works great.

  • GretlGretl Posts: 670
    I bought my Large because I had never cooked outdoors, I had a new patio, and I liked the way it an avocado. Can you believe that?? Only after I began cooking on it and joined this Forum did I know what a gem I had. Last October, I received a Small as a birthday gift to keep Mr Big company. I have not used my indoor oven for anything but desserts. Throughout the year I use the Egg(s) and I'm constantly adapting recipes to suit Egg cooking. [p]No real disasters; once in the very early days, I roasted a turkey at too high a temperature resulting in a charred thing that looked like it belonged on CSI. HOWEVER, after removing the skin, the meat was delicious and surprisingly moist and tender. [p]There is a bit of a learning curve and you have to enjoy preparing food to get the most out of your Egg. Oh,'ll probably kiss some knuckle hair goodbye before you learn that the Egg means business at high temperatures.[p]Hope this helps.

  • Redray,
    Yes I would buy another egg.
    I own a large,and would buy a large again.
    Pulled pork, pork ribs, and beef brisket are my favorites.
    A pork tenderloin that I over smoked was my biggest screw-up, lucky for me I had plenty of ice cold beer to cry into.
    Buy It you'll like it!![p]GaryJ

  • ravnhausravnhaus Posts: 311
    Let these pictures speak for themselves.

    [ul][li]Smoke is in the air[/ul]
  • Dear Redray,[p]I have always had gas grills and used them once or twice each summer(whether I had to or not :-).[p]For Valentine's Day, my husband bought me a large BGE to bake bread in as I am a passionate bread baker and didn't want to build a brick oven. I've been able to make good bread on the BGE, but I have become fascinated by the world of BBQ. I use my BGE once or twice a week and would use it more if we could eat more. [p]Why do I like my BGE? I can cook a pork butt low and slow, a chicken at medium heat or a steak with high heat. I can gently smoke scallops or shrimp or bake bread or pizza. Not everything I make comes out wonderful mostly due to my inexperience or miscalculation, but there is always something to learn and something new to ccok. I look forward to cooking my first brisket and my first ribs.[p]In answer to your questions:[p]Yes, I would buy another one and in fact a small size should arrive next week. The first chicken I cooked had me hooked with it's mahogany color, rich smokey flavor and incredible amount of juice. I haven't had any real disasters although my first pork butt did not go smoothly (my second was better) and I have overcooked chicken a time or two (my fault again).[p]I also agree with Steve. The name is silly and unworthy of such a versatile smoker/grill.
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