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I AM BACK!!!!!! & need help with Lobster tails.......

MarvMarv Posts: 177
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Had a great time in Oregon and even got to spend a couple of days at the coast on the way home. Low 40's at home and 65 at the beach.
I did get to use my new cast iron Ultimate Turkey Roaster a couple of times but REALLY missed my lonely egg.
So tonight I will try Lobster tail. I have not done much in the line of swiming creatures on any BBQ. So would like any help I can get.[p]Marv



  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    Marv,[p]For some eason the URL wouldn't post. This is a great recipe.[p]
    Dwell in the Shell [p] Posted By: Houndog <>
    Date: 1/14/2001 at 01:37:09 [p][p] Big Crawdaddy[p] Ingredients:[p]
    4 Huge Lobster Tails
    1 bit Peanut Oil
    1-2 Ea Limes
    Garlic Powder
    1 Touch Lawry's Seasoning Salt
    (Optional) New Mexican Green Chili Powder
    Minced Garlic
    Serves 2
    [p][p] Preparation:[p]
    Picked up 4 huge lobster tails. Thought at first, 1 pound tails for each of us would be ok. Naaaaahhhh - if
    two tails would be good, 4 tails for the two of us would be better, right ? Get your shears and cut the
    clear membrane off the belly of the tail, getting rid of the tiny feet, exposing the meat. Rinse them good,
    dry them with paper towel and place them shell side up on a cutting board. Take a heavy knife or
    cleaver, place it longwise (parallel) in the center of the shell and tap the back of the blade into the shell,
    cracking it ever so slightly. This is so our tail will lay flat on the grill. Do not take meat out of the shell !
    Now flip them over, belly side up. Take a bit of oil ( I used peanut )and pour a small amount on your
    fingers, and lightly rub the meat. Don't use much at all, barely a drizzle. Grab a lime or two and squeeze
    juice and pulp all over the meat, liberally. Then shake on garlic powder and a touch of Lawry's
    seasoning salt. I then have to throw my favorite ingredient of all time, which goes on everything I cook,
    New Mexican green chili powder. Don't worry if you don't have this, it's hard to find, and your lobsters
    will still be far and above any lobster you ever had before. Place covered tails in fridge for an hour or so
    to marinade while your gettin' your cooker ready. Get a good hot bed of lump going and preheat your
    cooker to 400 - 450 degrees. As all of you know, when it comes to seafood and a good hot fire, you must
    move swiftly because every minute counts. Place tails, meat side down on the grill and press them flat.
    This is why we weakened the shells earlier with the tapping cleaver. Set your metal cup on the grill also
    with butter and minced garlic so it will melt and sauté' the garlic. Close the lid. If you don't have a metal
    cup to use on the grill while you're cookin', get one ! Open the cooker after 5 minutes and with a leather
    glove, carefully turn tails over onto their shells so meat is facing up towards the sky. Take your (cup
    grab it with a leather glove please) with the butter and garlic, and spoon sautéed mixture onto the
    lobster tails. The tails will form a slight cupped shape which will hold most of the butter in place, but
    your fire will rage for a minute, and that is great. Close the lid down and slowly begin to close top and
    bottom drafts so they can "Dwell in the Shell" for 5 more minutes. Remember - with a good hot fire, 5
    minutes per side, that's it. With 50 dollars worth of lobster on the grill, you definitely want to pay
    attention. I don't recommend holding any conversations with your company while you're fixin' this
    supper. Tell your family and friends that you'll socialize again after this crucial 10 minutes is over. Once
    everyone tastes what you've agonized and sweated over for 10 minutes, no more explanations will be
    necessary. Simply, Heaven on Earth ! Serve with long grain and wild rice, corn on the cobs, asparagus,
    salad, just about anything. Even though we had melted butter to dip the lobster in, it wasn't really
    necessary. It was so good that were doing it again for the family tomorrow night. They'll be surprised
    when they get beef tenderloin steaks and lobster tails out of their brisket and pulled pork Houndog. I'm
    not that good a cook, but these tails are truly world class. Give 'em a try. [p] "elegant, yet pleasingly casual" [p]
    Submitted by Houndog

  • GrumpaGrumpa Posts: 861
    Marv,[p]Looks like JJ has pointed you in the right direction for the Lobster so let me be the first to say WELCOME BACK![p]You have been missed.[p]Bob

  • J AppledogJ Appledog Posts: 1,046
    Marv, Houndog's recipe that JJ posted is perfect. Do NOT try to improve upon it, as I did once.... JCA

  • MarvMarv Posts: 177
    JJ, Thanks for the help. I am going to Costco in a min to pick the critters (lobster) up. I will post tomorrow as to how they did.
    Any mess up I am sure will be the fault of the Lobster right???? [p]Marv

  • JethroJethro Posts: 495
    Marv ,[p]Looks like they got you going in the right direction with the lobster.[p]I wanted to let you know that I've got baked beans out on the Egg as a type. Did about a half a recipe so I am guessing to cut the cooking time back to 1.25 hours.[p]I'll probably let you know how they turned out tomorrow.[p]Enjoy the Tail,

  • MarvMarv Posts: 177
    Jethro,[p]Great!!! Please let me know. Costco was out of tails so I picked a package of tri-tip and have one on now.[p]Marv
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