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What is a Good Deal on a Small or Mini?

TimboTimbo Posts: 16
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Today I saw a Small for $250, a Mini for $139, and a Med for $425.
Do these prices strike any of you Eggers as a good deal?
I need a second... The large just aint enough.


  • ChefRDChefRD Posts: 438
    Timbo, I would suggest getting the small next. If you want to have a mobile one for only two people then maybe the mini is best. I have all three and they all serve a different purpose but if I only had two, I would get a large and a small.

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,857
    I have a Large and a Mini and I really want to get a small or a Med. The mini is okay for a couple of small steaks or chicken breasts but not much else.
    My suggestion would be to got for a Small or a med.
    There's never enough grill space!

  • MopMop Posts: 496
    Sundown, is a "mini" really worth it as a bbq or do you find it more of a novelty?
    I mean, is it worth it to go through the trouble of lighting it and cooling it just for a shishkabob or a burger or two?[p]I`m curious, not doubting, just wondering..[p]Mop

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    <p />Timbo,
    I have all four of the eggs.I use the small egg more than the rest put together,I mainly use the large for butts,turkey and ribs.The mini is a great little cooker to take on vacation or to tailgate with.Here is a picture of the mini loaded,hope this helps.

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,857
    My Mini was a gift from my kids. Had I had my choice I would have opted for a Small or a Med.
    Is it worth going through the trouble of lighting....? Same abount of effort as any of the others. If you just want a burger then I think it may be worth it. I've had it for about a year and I use it 1 out of every 50 times I cook. Somtimes find it difficult to control because the food is so close to the coals. Have Mr. Big down to a "tee" as far as controls go. Would I buy one for myself? No. Would I suggest one for someone else? No. I would have to say, go for the sm or med.
    Did I even answer your question? I babble a lot lately. ;>)

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    <p />Sundown,
    This 1 1/2" x 9" stainless steel ring with a extra grill made the mini egg cook more like the small egg...The 1 1/2" higher makes a lot of difference.

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,857
    Where did you find the S/S ring? I can see raising the grill that much might make it easier to control the cook. I wouldn't mind using the Mini a lot more if I could find your ring.
    Appreciate you help.

  • YB,
    Yeah buddy. I too need to know where to get a ring thing for my mini.
    Thanks..............Big Murth

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    I had mine made at a sheet metal shop.I think any welding shop would make it for you.Take your grill to them and tell them to turn the grill up side down and make a 1/8"x1 1/2"x9" that will fit in the grill.Next buy a extra grill and turn it up the right way and sit on top of the ring...I hope all this makes sense.Let me know if I can help.

  • Big Murth,
    You could use your 9 inch springform pan.. Its, well mine is, 9 x2 1/2. So Its a inch taller but They come in all sizes..[p]

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    Q.N.E. tyme& Big Murth
    That will work also...You can use a 9" ring made for a Wok.I have used a 8" pie pan with the extra grill on it to cook indirect...It lets plenty of heat around the pan.This method works good for cooking a whole chicken cut in half.

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