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Pizza Setup Question

Dooms-DaveDooms-Dave Posts: 15
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
We are going to try pizza in the BGE tomorrow and have read a number of posts for instructions, etc. Many refer to plate setters (?) - what I have is 6 fire bricks, extra grate, and a pizza stone. What arrangement of these items will simulate / replace this plate setter in an arrangement that will work for pizza?[p]Also, could I get a consensus on temps and time guidelines?[p]Thanks for your advice.


  • GaDawgGaDawg Posts: 178
    Dooms Dave,
    Use 3 of your fire bricks on edge to raise the stone to be level with the rim of the bottom of the egg. Shoot for 500-550 dome and you'll be fine. Long term, you will want the setter or a second stone to build up ceramic mass, but you can succeed with the setup I described. If you plan to make lot's of pizzas, load up the lump to the top of the firebox and allow a few minutes between pies for the stone to reheat.[p]Chuck

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    <p />Dooms Dave,[p]This picture shows me using 5 bricks - why 5? Answer: I have 5 so I used them. You don't need 6 but 4-6 will work in a large Egg. The picture shows the setup for indirect cooking using firebricks and a drip pan -- for pizza, just remove drip pan and top grid and set your stone on top. [p]Let the brick warm up while the Egg is going to 575deg. Add the stone 5-10 min before you are ready to start your first pie. Mine run around 14-18 min.[p]There is more help and pics on my website

    [ul][li]Tim M's [/ul]
  • bdavidsonbdavidson Posts: 411
    Dooms Dave,
    I try to keep the egg at 550-600 for pizza. It won't take long at that temp. I'd say 8-12 minutes, depending on the thickness of the crust.
    Spin is the resident pizza Eggspert. He posted a great recipe a couple of years ago, derived from the California Culinary Institute, as well as the cooking instructions.
    It's in the recipe section.

    [ul][li]Spin's cooking instructions[/ul]
  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Dooms Dave, I will go against my own rule and to this before reading the other post's and see how much trouble I get into. What you have is all that I alternately use. I have a 13 or 14 inch "setter" and I use that over two fire bricks below on the "weber" secondary grill (Best to use a cheap grill with firebricks) I set my "setter" over the bricks on its legs. Then heat the whole mess to 500 or higher temps..!
    (There is a C~W trick here for pizza but more on that one later.)
    Or, if you just have two grills..set two firebricks on the lower grill, 2 or three firebricks on edge equally spaced around the flat bricks.. a second grill on those vertical bricks, and your pizza stone on the second grill. Does the same thing as the "setter" or visa versa. Pre heat the whole mess to 500F or higher.
    Aw is my secret/theory....Bring the stone/combination to as high as 650F degrees. This heats the stone and when you insert your Pizza, allow the internal temp to drop to 500 or even lower degrees. This will allow the hot stone to bake the crust, while the internal temps of 500F or even lower, takes care of the melting of the cheese and the finishing of the toppings. Simple??
    Gosh darn works for me..tarnashion dang it all..
    Heeeeyaaaaa. Now I gotta go see what those other posts said. Life is a lawn fulla dandylions...Spring is here.

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