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Back Bacon vs. Canadian Bacon vs. Peameal Bacon

Bob VBob V Posts: 195
edited 10:08AM in EggHead Forum
Folks -[p]I've just had the pleasure of going out to an old-time Manhattan steak house, where one of the appetizers was "bacon" - believe it, that's all it said. When you ordered it - recommended by the natives - it came out as a single piece maybe 7"-8" long and at least 3/4" thick,and about 2"-3" wide, no fat at all. It was smoked and cured, tasting kinda like Canadian bacon, but the form wasn't what I'm used to for Canadian bacon (3" circles and thin). [p]I did some Web research and there is a British thing called "back bacon", as opposed to our normal bacon, I guess, which comes from the belly. But no recipes.[p]Any Canadians, Brits, or New Yorkers who can shed some light on this? Obviously, I want to try to Egg this. I've had success making canadian bacon with cure, but I'm wondering what cut of meat is used to make this kind of bacon.[p]Thanks - Bob V


  • HaggisHaggis Posts: 998
    Bob V,[p]Have you thought to call the restaurant and ask? Most good places willingly share info at that level.
  • You mention Back Bacon, there have been a myriad of pictures on the Forum. Does it resemble the pictures? Haggis suggestion of course is the best one ask the restaurant, they should know what it is called even if they will not give you the recipe. Once you have thename maybe somebody can help. Sure sounds like Back Bacon though.
    Good Luck
  • Bob VBob V Posts: 195
    Excellent point. I hadn't thought of that. My impression was that the bacon wasn't some sort of speciality for that restaurant, though, but was something like the British bak bacon.[p]Thanks - Bob V

  • Yo Bob, What we Americans refer to as Canadian bacon is cut from the loin of the hog. What Canadians refer to as peameal bacon is cut from the loin and then given a coating of cornmeal before cooking. Both versions use a brine.[p]For a good recipe for making your own Canadian bacon, check out the Dizzy Pig site which is linked below.[p]Lager,[p]Juggy

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  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    <p />Bob V,[p]Well, the no fat would lead you to either tenderloin bacon (above) or loin bacon (below). Maybe they just sliced it lengthwise before or after curing & smoking. If you have made Canadian bacon I'll bet you are all set. Since you didn't inquire when you were there, call them up and ask about the cut of pork they use.[p]2f2d7341-1.jpg[p]Back bacon does come from the loin. Canadian bacon is traditionally brine cured, but a similar product can be made by dry curing. It is then smoked.[p]Peameal bacon is also made from the loin. It is no longer rolled in ground peas, but rather cornmeal. It is also brine cured, but in a very sweet brine, then rolled in cornmeal. However it is NOT smoked. It is left uncooked and either fried or grilled.[p]~thirdeye~
    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 18,468
    Bob V,
    1/4 inch sliced pancetta is really good fried. the gypsy bacon looks interesting

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  • NewbsNewbs Posts: 188
    Hi Bob V,[p]What people call peameal bacon (the loin with the cornmeal crust on the outside) is what I've always known as back bacon. I had never heard of Canadian Bacon until I visited the United States and more recently England. I've lived in Canada for 34 of my 39 years and only recently have I seen the small 3" round slices marketed here as Canadian Bacon.
    There may be other areas of Canada that consider Canadian Bacon bacon, but in my neck of the woods (southern Ontario) we think of bacon as the long slices...just as our American neighbours do. When we think of back bacon we picture peameal bacon and when we think of Canadian bacon we picture some thin round slice of ham that we can order on our pizzas when we visit the States or England.[p]Cheers,[p]John

  • Bob VBob V Posts: 195
    What a great response. It is kinda like asking for french fries in France. What we call Canadian bacon isn't Canadan bacon (and in most cases probably isn't from Canada) and Canadians call bacon what we call bacon.[p]It is interesting that Canadians have at least a heritage of the - apparently correctly titled - back bacon from England, but down south of the border we've lost that. Except for some pockets - like maybe Manhattan.[p]Bob V
  • Bob V, by your description it sounds like they served you "buckboard bacon" buckboardbacon14.jpg
    I have heard that the term Canadian Bacon started because its a regional thing rather that a way of cooking it. The favorite in the USA is bacon from the belly/side, the fav in the UK is a combination of side/back, thus they call it Brit Bacon, and I guess the term Canadian Bacon is because we use the loin/or back at times. I define back bacon as precooked smoked meat, while peameal bacon is a sweet-pickled loin with a cornmeal coating that is cured and usually served fried. They are both the same cut but prepared different ways. I think both ways are rolled in cornmeal ?(at least around here they are).The only difference between the 2 is one is smoked and one is not. Here is a link to my version of peameal bacon

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  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    <p />Bubba-Q,[p]That is a good link. Sounds like something to add to the list. Between belly and Buckboard, not sure which kind of bacon I like sometimes I have both.[p]~thirdeye~
    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
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