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MopMop Posts: 496
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Gordon, I`m doing your rib method found in your Memphis Rib Recipe secion from your website....[p]I`m doing the method only as I`m trying a new glaze and bbq sauce for a comparison ...
Anyway, That method is what you call the 3/1/1.5...[p]You start your time at 1:00 pm indirect and then at 2:55 pm you wrap the ribs in foil for an hour....thats just 2 hours?then you wrapped in foil for an hour...[p]Now is that still the 3/1/1.5 method or is that 2/1/1.5.....or am I reading this all together wrong?......
Please set me straight cause I just wrapped them in foil after 3 hours and they look and smell great.....Thanks Gordon for all the wonderful work you do to keep your site up and running.....[p]Mop![p]Mop!

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  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Mop, I think Gordons method is 2 hours grill, then wrap and 1 hour foiled, then unfoil and return to grill for another hour of crisping. BTW..where is GFW...??
    If you have already went 3 hours..then do the foil and forget anything further..just eat. Or skip the foil entirely and just baste away for another hour...They should be tender pull apart right now..Try pulling a rib on the end and sample..Good Q'rs all do it..:-)

  • MopMop Posts: 496
    Char-Woody,.....hey, your probably right ....
    I just unwrapped them a few minutes ago which is 4 hours total.....3 indirect and 1 foil....when I took them from the foil they looked and felt done and the meat has pulled back from the bone ends a fair amount as well, so I came to see if GFW had posted.......
    Thanks CharBuddy.....I`m gonna take them off now...
    I have a batch of Danny`s Rib Glaze all ready for them...
    After the ribs come off I have a load of chicken wings all set to go on the Egg.....[p]The Wings and ribs are for tonight, I have a friend coming over to yap and watch some Speedvision.......[p]Mop-!

  • MopMop Posts: 496
    I`m so sorry........I should have thanked Char Woody....[p]Mop!
  • CharlyCharly Posts: 23
    Mop, I was going to try Danny's rib glaze too,next weekend.How about a post back on how it turned out.By the way,did you also use his rub?

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    Mop, haaaaa. no sorry's I just filled for Gordon. And the real test on the ribs is to pull em apart in the middle bones. They should move very easily.
    Happy Q...

  • MopMop Posts: 496
    Charly, I used the glaze only!....Not the rub.....[p]They are to die for I tell you......I used back ribs...cooked them indirect for 3 hours at 225 to 250Âș and then wrapped in foil for an hour.....
    I glazed them in the Egg and then removed them.....I didn`t let them sit in after I glazed them.......[p]They are gorgeous looking and I would be extremly proud to serve them......[p]Take care.....

  • MopMop Posts: 496
    Char-Woody, your help was welcome....Very Welcome!....[p]They were pull-apart done.....[p]thank you Char Woody.....[p]Mop!

  • Mop,[p]That's ok Mop, I'm a fan of Gordon's work as well. But I'm not sure I could have helped you with that counting thang.
  • MopMop Posts: 496
    char buddy , thnaks. all turned out for the good....[p]Mop!

  • RRPRRP Posts: 13,814
    Mop, looks like this has been beaten to death, but let me tell you the real treat is to take Gfw's entire trip...that is mix up his MemphisRub for those baby backs and after the 3/1/1.5 method conclude with his Memphis-Style BBQ Sauce. Gordon also has posted his BB'Q Sauce which is super on pulled pork and on hamburgers too. The only variation I take in his sauce was that recommended by "Bob" and I add it 1 tea of chopped garlic, 1 long squirt of yellow mustard and 1 full shot of Jack Daniels. I've used Jim Beam sour mash in batches also . Both give it a nice twang!
    PS regarding Gfw's lack of response I think he had said he was going to California on vacation.

    Dunlap, IL
  • GfwGfw Posts: 1,598
    Mop, sorry that I didn't respond earlier - we took a long weekend to Arizona for my father-in-law's 80th birthday.[p]The question and the answer - I still use the 3/1.5/1 or 3/1/1.5 method - depends on the drippings in the 1st three hours - Sorry, I think I may have messed up the times on the picture post - guess I'll have to make some more, get new pictures and repost the page - damn I hate it when that happens! Love Ribs! [p]My guess is that the cook started at noon and the 1st picture was taken at 12:45pm, 45 minutes into the cook - then the times come out as per the recipe.[p]Anyway, have a great evening :~}

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