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Daisy Wheel vs Dual Function Metal Top

GJGJ Posts: 45
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Today is the day I get my Egg. I have decided to go really wild and cook "Dad's delicious big green burgers" from Roger in Charleston. My son is anxious to test this thing out so I thought I would do something simple.[p]My Egg is a Large demo unit from the showroom and it came with the daisy wheeel. Should I look at purchasing the Dual function top in the near future or can I do everything with what I have.[p]Thanks for all your help.


  • GJ,
    get the dual function top. I haven't gone back and got one for my Lg BGE, but a buddy of mine has and is a lot happier with start-up procedures than he was originally.[p]Dr. Chicken

  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    GJ, I personally have only the daisy at present on both of my Eggs..small and large BGE's..The majority of my cook's are in the low and slow range, and I adjust my heat ranges with my lower vent control for anything over 450 degrees. With some manipulations I can maintain up to 550 degrees with the daisy wheel. Takes practice tho.
    If I were just starting, I would get only the dual daisy/slider top for the accessory top. I saw one the other day, and was impressed with it.

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    I would normally say to get the slide/daisy top if you have none or are buying a new Egg. Since yours came with a daisy you need to ask yourself how badly that $30 new top will be worth to you. I seldome use my old daisy anymore. The daisy will allow a max dome temp of around 350-375. Above that you remove the top and control with the bottom vent alone. Its a little tricky but easy enough - the addition on the slide/daisy top (or the slide top for that matter) allows the temps to be more easily regulated. The slide/daisy has a max temp of around 650 dome so its nice to have it there to keep Humpty from running up to 1000 deg when your back is turned. I would get it - its nice to have.[p]Tim M

  • GJGJ Posts: 45
    Thank you everyone for all the tips. I have a few things on my Egg wish list so I think I will experiment for awhile and see how things go. One of the first things on my list is a thermometer, maybe one of those wireless ones. [p]I can't wait to try it out in 4 hours :)[p]
  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    GJ, Just start slow and easy. Watch your temperature go up as you open the bottom vent. Start your fire any way you like. When I first got mine two years ago, wads of paper under the grate or under the charcoal on top of the grate was the learning experience. Since then we have graduated to a more refined startup..Everyone has a preferred technique, and thats they one to use..The one that will suit you best. Once the fire has ignited the charcoal..leave the top open, and adjust the burn with the lower vent..Once you reach the 300 degree level..put your top metal cap on wide open..let it adjust then close down the lower vent to lower the burn rate and your temperatures.
    Play with it...experiment, then cook! Only takes a few hours of checking, adjusting, and rechecking to get the feel of it..
    Good luck..and Welcome to the Biggest Ceramic Q forum in the 21st Century..

  • GJ,[p] Sounds like a good plan. you should be able to do lots of experimenting with what you got. A thermometer is on my list of essential tools for good BGE cooking, and those wireless jobbers look pretty darn cool. As far as the top goes, I got a daisy with my large BGE and used it extensively. However when I started cooking things in the 400-500 degree range, I bought a slide top to make it a bit easier to control the flames. After I already had both, BGE introduced the combo top :-(.[p]-MikeO
  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    I have all three tops, slide metal, daisy wheel and daisy/slide comb. I cook low and slo as well a high temp using no top what-so-ever. I control my temps using the bottom vent only.

  • CatCat Posts: 556
    JJ,[p]Great minds think alike, brother dear.[p]Cathy
  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    Little Sis's teach well.[p]Jack

  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,243
    Man, you have received a bunch of great answers. The type that remind you how great this forum family is. I agree with C~W that if you get the fire hot enough first, you can maintain 400-450 with the daisy, but also agree with the others that say the dual function makes it simpler to obtain higher temps. Infinite possibilities for 180-650 or so. I use mine all the time instead of my original daisy.[p]Or you can be like JJ, Cat and Smokin Bob, who cook mostly with no cap at all, and fully depend on the bottom vent for temp control.[p]Seeya..NB
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