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Optimum Steak Searing Temperature.

MopMop Posts: 496
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
When "grilling" a nice juicy steak on a BGE what would the optimum temp be if there is an optimum temp.....
And how hot can you crank a BGE and still be in the safe zone?...[p]Mop!


  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    Mop:[p]You can crank a BGE up to 1,200º plus. But do you really want to cook a steak at that temperature? On my ceramic cookers, I have experimented with various temperatures and steaks. I find I am most pleased with 1 1/2" steaks cooked at 600º to 700º. I am going for a rare steak and I keep the dome within this range till the steaks are pulled. I do not "dwell". This is what works for me.

  • GfwGfw Posts: 1,598
    Mop, Generally for steak I use a sear temp of 650 - 700 degrees. For pok chops, I generally cook a little longer, but at the 550-600 degree range. :~}

  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Mop,[p]I may be going against conventional wisdom here, but I shoot for 1000* when grilling steaks. As djm5x9 mentioned, the Egg or any ceramic for that matter can handle any temp you would push it to. Realistically, it seldom makes sense to go for 4 digit numbers.[p]JMHO[p]K~G

  • mollysharkmollyshark Posts: 1,519
    You know what makes a difference for me? What I've put on the steak. If I do the mustard/salt rub, I shoot for the highest temperature I can get. I want the rub to turn into a solid crust and fall off. Otherwise I'm overwhelmed with salt sticking to the steak. If I'm using a dry rub, I'm with you on the temps. Although I've done a variety of temps and the steaks always come out fabulous!

  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,295
    <p />Mop,
    Depends what you mean by safe. Like KennyG, I have had the best steaks with the turbo temps. With the thermometer pegged, I get the best, most flavorful sear. Working at those temps is safe if you use precautions (burping egg, opening slowly), but you can fry some brows if careless. I have had pretty good results with 550-600, especially on the small egg, where the meat is closer to the coals.[p]So, basically, everybody below is correct. The turbo temp sears have the edge, but all egged steaks have the edge...however you cook them. These steaks were done with the thermometer pegged. 1.5, rotate, 1.5, flip, 3, then dwelled a few.[p]Cheers!
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  • KennyGKennyG Posts: 949
    Chris,[p]Them is some fine looking steaks you've got there and ditto on the high temps. I can't help but think that "unregistered nuclear weapon" mode produces a better char and overal steak.[p]Incidently, did you burn up that turbo grate yet? I was thinking about bringing a couple to East Coast EggFest.[p]K~G

  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,295
    Thanks. Yeah. Turbo grate is history. Count me in if you bring some to eggfest. Maybe some cherry wood chunks in trade? 12 pack of PBR?
    Look forward to seeing you there. Only 5 months away!
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    Facebook: Dizzy Pig Seasonings
  • MopMop Posts: 496
    Thank you all very much.......
    P.S.....those are some of the nicest steaks I have seen....[p]Mop

  • Mr BeerMr Beer Posts: 121
    I guess I'm in the minority here in the forum. I like to cook my steaks at 500 degrees with large flames touching the meat. I don't like them as well when they are cooked at higher temps.

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