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Best way to cook Morningstar Farms Griller (burgers)

acegg77acegg77 Posts: 90
edited August 10 in Vegetarian
Tonight I'm going to try to cook the Morningstar Farms Griller (burgers) on the Egg. Any idea what temp I should use and for how long? (They are frozen.)

I've been told by medical people to cut back on red meat, so I hope that I can get some meat-like grilled flavor out of these things.



  • brimeebrimee Posts: 57
    Just grill veggies, don't try eating veggies that try to be meat, it doesn't turn out well...

    Although I have had turkey burgers that were good, just not as good...
    Fairview, Texas
  • LitLit Posts: 2,810
    I have been keeping veggie burgers around. I haven't egged one yet I sear them in a skillet so they get that crispiness on the outside. The ones I have been getting from Costco are actually pretty good when I don't have time to cook real food.
  • acegg77acegg77 Posts: 90
    Thanks for the comment but I have to tell you, these were OK. I put them on at 425 for 3 mins a side. They were quite good. 

    When you consider that after you put some bbq sauce on the meat near end of grilling and then pile on tomato, onion, pickle, mustard and ketchup (and wife adds an avocado slice!) on top of it and put it between a tasty, high-quality sesame bun, it is damn hard to taste the meat no matter what it was cooked on. If I didn't know this was fake I would not know at all. 

    Of course, these were rather thin. They make a 1/4 version which I'll try next time. 

    You might want to give these Morningstar Prime Grillers a try... not to replace meat, but to cut down on meat.

    You see the problem with burgers unlike steak, is that by definition it has a high % of fat. You can buy the kind of steaks we do... the cheap, lean, no-marbled top round, London broil, flank, etc. cuts and not get as much fat as a burger. I'll be eating way fewer burgers in the future because these work out quite well after I've put all the stuff on them.

    If not having four burgers a month means I can have an extra steak (or two,) it works for me.
  • acegg77acegg77 Posts: 90
    Lit said:
    .... I sear them in a skillet so they get that crispiness on the outside. 
    These Griller things got VERY crispy on the Egg at around 450. They were not mushy at all. I even slightly burnt part of one that was on a hotter spot on the Egg... and it tasted just like burned meat! Surprised the hell out of me, that's for sure. 

    Oh, I also put in a handful of apple wood chips before I threw the frozen 'patties' on and I sprayed the grill with Pam too.

    All in all, a very successful cook. Wife was happy it was a low-calorie and high protein (15 grams) meal. Sodium level was a bit high, but the docs are more concerned with my HCL which is borderline high. 
  • LitLit Posts: 2,810
    I want to try one on the mini. I was surprised how good they are. I was putting new floors in our house all day and didn't want to spend time cooking so I did one in a skillet tonight with jalapenos and cheese on Udis gluten free bread. Tasted good and way better than what I normally eat when I don't feel like cooking.
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