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Baby Backs - Seeking advice/comments please

THEBuckeyeTHEBuckeye Posts: 2,174
Still in first month as an Egghead but just paid Amex so the L Egg is all mine! 

I'm planning my first baby backs cook tomorrow. I cooked St. Louis a couple weeks back and they turned out well. I've watched a few videos. Here's my strategy:

Indirect, 250-275*, Dizzy Chicken dry rub 1-2 hours in advance, soaked apple wood smoke, drip pan (liquid? apple juice/beer/water or none?) cook for approximately 3 hours., Apply Bone Suckin' Sauce, tent add a bit of liquid and cook for an additional 30 minutes?

Comments? Suggestions?

Suwanee, GA


  • vettmanvettman Posts: 20
    I marinate for two days in Dizzy rub and also apple cider, mixed with pork marinade from Stubbs.  Then I foil them in a pan in oven for about 1hr on 350 cooking in that sauce.  Then heat L Egg to 200/250 and then slow cook indirect for about 3/4hrs, adding more Dizzy Rub.  Lastly I close off air to Egg then heat and mop in BBQ sauce for about 30 mins.  Tasty and fall off bone!!!  Have fun!!

    I'm always changing up my seasoning. However, my cooking method remains the same.


    225 until done. Usually about 6 hours or so.



  • THEBuckeyeTHEBuckeye Posts: 2,174

    I think I perefer lower and slower, Hawk Carl. I will have to be patient and start earlier! 
    Suwanee, GA
  • THEBuckeyeTHEBuckeye Posts: 2,174


    Isn't the oven taboo in Eggland??
    Suwanee, GA
  • Big_Green_CraigBig_Green_Craig Posts: 1,062
    I spritz them with apple juice every 45 minutes as long as they are in the smoke. 

  • SoCalTimSoCalTim Posts: 1,147
    edited June 2014
    Type 'Baby Backs' in the search box above right. Lots really good info ... Good Luck And most importantly -Welcome!

    Chatsworth Ca.
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,698
    edited June 2014
    No need to soak the wood.

    No need for any fluid in the drip pan unless the drippings begin to burn.

    Probably need a little more time at those dome temps. At 3 hours, start bend testing. Likewise, notice if the bone ends are starting to show. They don't always, but it you tug an end, and the meat begins to fall apart, its a sign they are getting near done.

    If you are going to sauce, wait till the bend is quite good, then sauce. Most sauces have lots of sugar in them, and its best to avoid burnt sugar flavor. 15 min. is usually enough to warm the sauce up, and set it up a little.

    FWIW, none of the commercial pits I've been able to watch serve their ribs ever add sauce (if they do at all) until just before serving, and the sauce is pre-heated.

    Don't know why tenting would be either a plus or minus. Never done that myself.
  • TexanOfTheNorthTexanOfTheNorth Posts: 3,913
    I'm in the keep it simple group:

    - pull membrane from back of ribs and apply rub. I usually apply my rib just an hour or so before putting them on
    - raised, indirect about 250* dome temp
    - no liquid in drip pan but do elevate is off of the plate setter
    - start check 3.5 - 4 hours in and pull when they pass the bend test
    - eat
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    Aurora, Ontario, Canada
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,743
    edited June 2014
    @texanofthenorth hit it on the head, I did 3 racks a week ago just like that and they were done in 4 hours @250 indirect, put some spacers between the drip pan and platesetter so drippings don't burn rolled up tinfoil balls work fine.  No need to soak chips and no liquid in drip pan, not needed. If you want sauce do it about 3.5 hours in

    Large BGE 2006, Mini Max 2014 
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    Johns Creek, Georgia

  • THEBuckeyeTHEBuckeye Posts: 2,174

    Thanks everyone
    Suwanee, GA
  • KingtUTKingtUT Posts: 136
    I've tried several methods but by far my best results have been 1.5 hrs indirect at 350 with 4-5 chunks of apple wood, then remove and foil them with a little apple juice and cover them in butter and honey. Back on at 350 for another hr indirect. Then remove foil and baste with BBQ sauce for 30-45 minutes indirect at 350. Nothing but compliments. Total of 3 to 3.5 hours!
  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,495
    I agree with TOTN and gdenby. Simple rub or just salt and pepper. About 4 1/2 hours @250. That will give you a baseline for future cooks, a very delicious baseline.


    Caledon, ON


  • NanookNanook Posts: 845
    Depends if you want meat to "pull" or " fall" off the bone. If you want meat to pull, I would skip the foil step.
  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 5,197
    I would skip the liquid and the foil but make sure you have airspace between the pan and PS. I like apple and cherry for most of my pork cooks. Your temp sound good but expect to go longer than 3hrs prolly more like 4 - 4 1/2 till yo get the bend or can easily probe with a tooth pic. As far as the rub I have a homemade rub that I use most of the time but BBBR is good on ribs as well as DP Dizzy Dust. 

    I did a modified version of low n slow/turbo last weekend and turned out great. Here is the link if you are interested  


    2008 -Large BGE. 2013- Small BGE and 2015 - Mini. Henderson, Ky.
  • TexansurfTexansurf Posts: 347

    I usually only add water to pan if the humidity is low, your plan seems good, remember to pull the membrane from the back of the ribs, I use a towel to hold on to it.


    Corpus Christi, Texas.  LBGE x 2, Weber Smoky Joe, and Aussie Walk-About
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