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Guru - can it totally block the draft door & prevent embers popping out?

Hey gang..thinking of a new Egg (or Primo) and have a wood deck.

I already have a fireproof mat in front of my mini, but am still a bit jiggy about embers that might pop and jump OVER the mat onto the deck or combustibles below.  So, watch that thing like a hawk until I can close the draft door after startup..

Thinking about a BBQ Guru or similar pit controller for the new rig.

If I were to use one of these, would it "totally" block the draft door on the BGE and/or Primo Oval?

It looks like the fan connects to a plate adapter that slides into the draft door track, and that the plate adapter pretty much entirely closes off the draft door..BUT..

Does the fan screw in?  Or is it just pushed into the plate adapter?  And if so, could it potentially disconnect leaving an unprotected opening out the exhaust door?

I'm also wondering if you could use a Guru to get the grill up to temp instead of leaving the dome open..

Thx for any/all help!

- SB
Mini BGE, KJ Classic - Black, Cookshack SM025, Weber Gasser (mostly for Kamado storage!)


  • SmokyBear as far as the fan coming out I can't see that happening I have a DigiQ Dx2 that I have been using for almost a year and the fan never came out it is not a screw in fit but it is a press in it is kinda a tight fit  ,as far as using the DigiQ to bring up to temp I think it's faster to leave the Egg open till you get a good fire burning then close and set you pit and food temp once you have everything set relax and let the Guru do the work I love mine as a matter of fact I just got a CyberQ today basically the same thing but it has WiFi accessibility so I can monitor my overnight cooks from the comfort of my bed no more going outside in the middle of the night to see whats going on 
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  • I run mine with it blowing through the closed screen door with the the solid door overlapping the adapter. It's not going anywhere and still plenty of airflow for my 250 degree cooks.

  • Would you believe it took me half a dozen cooks with the CyberQ before realizing the choke has the graphic symbols on it to show how wide open/restricted it is? I was literally taking it off to look down in the hole to see if it was 1/2 or 1/4 closed. I wish I would have seen that pic day one of using the CyberQ.

    Yea, back to the question. They sit in very tightly so I wouldn't worry about things sneaking out.
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