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Has anyone ever tried a clam bake in a BGE?

Hi there,

Took delivery of my first BGE last weekend and really loving it. All low 'n' slow so far but I'm ordering a grid iron soon. Question: has anyone ever tried a clambake on a BGE? I'm thinking, maybe, some damp sacking; lined with seaweed; clams etc; in the middle; all tied up and placed dead-centre behind the plate setter. Probably have to keep the egg temp low enough to steam without burning the sack.

Any advice?



  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 5,675

    I've never done a clam bake, but I've mixed them in with mussels before.



    @hapster grilled some this weekend on this thread

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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,376
    have tried it with lobster but it was smokey, a good clam bake has no smoke flavor. what i did is place the grill on the fire ring, dead center placed a can with bothe ends cut out, then filled the entire grate with rockweed up to the top of the can, added lobster and corn wrapped in cheese cloth, just the corn was wrapped. then  some more rock weed. i do clams and mussels in the egg but use a cataplana pan, i dont like the smoke at all in steamers. if you try it with the rock weed you need a hot egg, about 500 degrees or it doesnt steam enough, and staert with just enough lump to get the temp up, you want the fire to be dying when everything goes in, would be better if you could find away to remove the lump altogether
  • Thanks guys,

    Take your point, fishlessman, about the smoke. I'll give it try and report back.

  • Clam-bake field report:
    So, we tried doing a clam bake in our Egg. We're in London, so fishmongers can buy sacks of seaweed (bladder wrack, I believe) for presentation from Billingsgate. Believe me, a sack of bladder wrack is a life-time supply! Got it all out on my deck and hosed out any sea-bugs hanging around. Got some damp sacking and put a good bunch in the middle. Placed a crab, clams, muscles and some raw prawn on that; covered with more weed and then bundled up and tied with cord. The whole placed in a very hot Egg on the setter. About twenty minutes in we're getting some very seaside-like smells indeed and I'm feeling optimistic. At the half-hour I open up for an inspection. Immediately, it's no way near enough time. Seaweed is a terrific insulator: the prawns are turning pinkish but the rest is still cold to the touch. At the hour, I look again. Things have improved but the hot seaweed has got very slimy indeed. Wondering if this was such a good idea. Realise that I would need probably another three or four hours to pull this off and it's way past lunch time. So, I pick out my sea food and grill them in the porcelain bowl thingy and serve a sea-food lunch by the skin of my teeth. Note to me: try again but with at least three or four hours to spare.

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 9,460
    Look great...
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
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