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Grill Extender bend

So i havent seen anyone post about this here i am.  I have the grill extender and when nothing is on is slanted down.  As soon as a add food to slants down like crazy(where food is able to roll off.  Im sure i have it set up correctly..but im still having issues with it.  Also does anyone know where to buy the spacers and/or what size they are?



  • mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,523
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    Ok not the best picture..but its what i have at this time.  You can see how its bending under the weight of the shrimp..


  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 1,798
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    I'm having a similar problem. I've tried many configurations. The problem, I think, is that the tube/bar stock are not right enough to keep the post straight. When any kind of weight is added to it it causes it to slant. I cooked ribs on mine the other day without a problem. I used it for a veggie cook with my cast iron skillet. I had to be careful not to let the skillet slide off when I was swinging the rack out of the way

    As for the bushing, any hardware store or home center should have one. Unless you find the bushing in stainless, you may want to paint it with high temp paint.
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  • fruitguyfruitguy Posts: 67
    Turn the grill extender vertically across the grates, not horizontal with the grates.
  • mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,523
    @fruitguy ill go ahead and try that...i set it up based on how others set it up..but whatever works best!
  • bigphilbigphil Posts: 1,356
    Plus the weber grids flexes way more than the bge grids do . I use the weber fire grate and the bge grids mine flexes very little in fact in another post I show it with over 20 pounds on the grid
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  • GogogordyGogogordy Posts: 218
    I can tell from your picture that the extender isnt contacting the grill bars equally and when I installed mine like that, it was already pre-crooked because of that. I would loosen it, split the contact evenly with the grill bars (top and bottom grills) and also make certain the wing nuts arent interfering with the fire ring and causing the lower grill to not sit flush all the way around. Im using on a medium BGE, and replace the lower wing nuts with regular ones so I could eliminate that problem while making the least impact on the lower grill space for the bracket (mounting it as closely to the edge as possible)
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  • CharlieTNCharlieTN Posts: 177
    I had to tinker with mine a good bit but found a position where the upper grate sits about as close to horizontal as you can get.  For me it was the position of the cross bars in relation to the long bars on the grate.  bars on the grate had to be even positioned in the cross bars.  

    With mine I also found that by turning the base piece (male end) around 180 degrees I got a better level.

    Just keep tinkering with it.  I'll sort out for you.
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 9,496
    I thought it went on top of the daisy wheel... Now I understand.
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  • GogogordyGogogordy Posts: 218
    Also, the bars on the grate are stronger since they are shorter closer to the edge...less "flex" especially on the ss grates. Position the male half (bottom) as close to the edge as possible without having it interfere with the ring and a flush fit, and as mentioned by CharlieTN a little "positional tinkering" is in order too.
    When I'm not Eggin', I'm scootin'   Eggin' and 'cueing from Temecula Ca; an hour from San Diego, an hour and five minutes from Palm Springs, and an hour and a half from Los Angeles (yeah, right. With THAT traffic?)
  • mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,523
    I think ill try tinkering with it and switching things up a bit to get it to work.  Also im thinking ill switch the male end to the bottom and the female up top. No real reason other then i want to leave the spacer attached to the grate and it would be easier to just leave it on the extender.
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 1,219
    Female up top works for me.  ;)

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  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 4,060
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    JRWhitee said:
    Female up top works for me.  ;)
    I'm not touching that one!   :))

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  • BrotherEggBrotherEgg Posts: 95
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    I'm still waiting for mine but I've been following the threads on the setup. First I've learned, as an earlier poster mentioned, that the extender mount was designed to go across the bars as opposed to parallel to the bars. Second, the picture below was labeled as the "original extender". Only a few seem to have set it up that way but from my old engineer's perspective that seems to be the sturdiest way to mount it (albeit somewhat intrusive).


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