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Multiple pork butt questions.

So I am doing my first pulled pork today. Turbo style. Just wrapped both butts with HDAF and powering through the stall. So here are a few questions.

1. With my maverick, do I leave the probe in and just wrap foil around it as best I can or do I take it out, foil, and then reinsert blind?

2. I remember seeing something a while back about reheating the pulled goodness in a crock pot with a can of coca-cola with it. Has anyone done this and is it a good idea? I plan on eating one butt tonight and reheating the other for work on Tuesday.

That's it for now. Thanks in advance.


  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,778
    #1... I pull probe wrap in foil and then reinsert. #2... I pull the pork in an aluminum foil pan. Cover leftovers with foil and reheat in oven the next day.



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  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    Get four long pieces of aluminum foil -- follow this: take two and cross them -- then kiddy corner the next two -- so the bottom has four full thicknesses of foil and all the sides has two when it is wrapped up --  nice and tight.  You are protecting from leaking the juices out of the butt -- this juice is your flavor -- protect it!!  More layers if necessary.  You remove the probe from the butt, wrap the butt in the foil, then place the butt back on the same grill and re0insurt the probe thru the foil and into the butt...  You should have plenty of juices in both butts --provided you don'y poke a hole in the foil - or turn the butt upside down???  Pull the butt tonight that you are going to eat, and pour the juices back over the pulled pork and mix it back into the pulled pork.  The second butt get's it's rest period and then slide it into the refrig -- as is -- in foil.  When you want to eat this one -- remove from the refrig -- place in a 300 degree oven (inpulled) still wwrapped in the original foil -- place it in a cake pan.  About 30 minutes AFTER the house smells REAL GOOD ---  remove it from the oven --  pull it, and pour it's juices back over the pulled pork and mix it up -------   ENJOY !!    
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    This is a re-heated butt.  You can see the juices down in the foil.  But notice how nice and juicy the pulled pork turns out...
    Fast Pork Butt 002.JPG
    2560 x 1920 - 2M
    Fast Pork Butt 003.JPG
    2560 x 1920 - 2M
  • rholtrholt Posts: 360
    Thanks for the responses. You answered another question I had about pouring the juices back over the pork once pulled. I thought I had read somewhere to discard that but I guess you feel otherwise. Also, I won't have access to an oven at work so I need some input with regard to reheating in a crock pot as that is what I will have available to me. Thanks.
  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    The crock pot will work fine.  The juices will look like jello --  just put it all in a crock pot and get all hot before pulling it, then mix it!  True the juices have fat in it, but it also has flavor, and really if you are worried about "fat" you shouldn't even be eating Pork Butt !!
  • rholtrholt Posts: 360
    Ha ha. Definitely not concerned about fat.
  • U_tardedU_tarded Posts: 1,220
    we do a sweet/spicy pork with left overs all the time its a favorite of ours, 1/2 can of coke, 1/2 cup brown sugar, a jar of picante sauce whatever temp you want and some left over pork.  put it in the crock pot and let is soak away until you ready, the liquid should reduce to almost a syrupy consistency.
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