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About to start building a table

I'm picking up a large at the Plano EggFest next weekend.  This weekend I'm picking up granite for a table top.  It's 39 by 55, already has a half bullnose edge, and they're putting a 21.5" hole in it - all for $120.  I got lucky because someone walked away on a kitchen island top they had ordered.

I've seen lots of table designs, but my question is - what do you wish you had done differently on yours?  Is there something you wish you hadn't done?  Is there something you wish you had added?  Thanks!


  • U_tardedU_tarded Posts: 1,220
    edited October 2012
    I did the standard table you see everywhere, I am going to redesign next summer, I want enclosed storage so really I want more of a cabinet with the egg in it than a table.  Drawers and doors, when you get all the accessories (and if you hang out here a lot you will have a lot) you will need places to put them and I don't like just stacking everything on the lower shelf.
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 11,692
    edited October 2012
    About the only thing I wish I did differently was to add drawers under the bottom shelf.  That's not to say it's ever too late and I plan on adding them.  But other than that, I'm extremely happy with my table, wouldn't do anything different.
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  • I bought mine , wished I had built it myself . I would have made it sturdier, I have had to return it twice for the hinge hitting the table due to the shelf the egg sits on bowing.Live and Learn !!!
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  • tgklemantgkleman Posts: 199
    Several things:
    I wish I had a granite top, (like you), because i underestimated how dirty my wooden top would get - food drippings, charcoal dust, etc. 

    I wish I had put an electrical outlet on my table (I can still do this, but I am lazy) to power my pit controller or other.

    I wish I had an enclosed table, because with all of the accessories, it looks kind of junky with everything piled on the bottom shelf.
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,144
    Wish I had 2 lower shelves instead of one....and a sbge on the other end.
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  • sticks88sticks88 Posts: 94
    Oh man....up here I checked on granite and they want $400 for a 30"X24" piece.

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  • sticks88 said:
    Oh man....up here I checked on granite and they want $400 for a 30"X24" piece.

    Go to the Granite places and ask to see their "Scrap" granite. I picked up a 32"x30" piece of green marbalized granite. They are cutting it to size and putting a nice edge on it all for $90. Ill post a pic when I go pick it up tomorrow. That comes out to about $13 a square foot.  You cant be that IMO..

  • sticks88sticks88 Posts: 94
    Aye, going to look around as soon as I'm over this cold I have.

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  • cazzycazzy Posts: 6,476
    edited April 2013
    Hmm, I would have made my right drawer a lil wider. That's about it :D

    Good luck!! :)
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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,144
    you won't want to hear this but I would've waited. cook on the ground if you have to. you really won't know what you want/ need till you've had the egg a while.
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  • six_eggsix_egg Posts: 594
    henapple said:
    you won't want to hear this but I would've waited. cook on the ground if you have to. you really won't know what you want/ need till you've had the egg a while.

    I have to agree. Your setup is just that it's yours and how you cook is different. The result maybe similair but the path is not ways the same.

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  • I'm getting my LBGE in a couple of weeks and (in spite of some of the advice to "wait and see") I'm going to try and get my table built beforehand. I'm going with a basic table with one lower shelf but will probably do the following:

    - Add a couple of brackets on the back side of the table that will hold a large umbrella. My table BGE will be out on my deck and I want something that I can use, as needed, shade or rain protection.
    - I'm going to add a pull out metal shelf underneath the bottom shelf for a place to put hot things so they are out of the way.
    - As far as drawers or an enclosed area... I've decided just to use a medium sized plastic bin with a snap on lid. I'll either have that sitting on the lower shelf or just keep it in the house and bring it out when I need it. 
    - A paper towel holder (probably mounted under the table top.

    Good luck with yours!
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  • EggHeadinFloridaEggHeadinFlorida Posts: 422
    edited April 2013
    Here is the granite i picked up today. It is considered "scrap." The dimensions are 32"w X 30.5"d. Paid $90 with the finished edge.
    I may go back and get the rest of their "scrap" in the same color and do the entire top in granite and put this piece on the bottom shelf. You cant really tell by the pics, but the granite does have a green marbaliziation in it.
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  • Here is a box I picked up at harbor freight for $50! Yea yea the table is messy, I'm still working on odds and ends.
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