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Costco vs. Sam's Pork Butt?

cssmd27cssmd27 Posts: 136
edited August 2012 in EggHead Forum
I know Sam's has the bone in it, but beyond that, do you have a preference? My history only extends to 1 from each store, so I haven't developed much of an opinion yet.


  • BuckdodgerBuckdodger Posts: 887
    Sam's club member here. Been getting my butt's and BB's from Sam's and have always gotten very good quality meat from them. Can't give an opinion on the quality of Costco but I would imagine it is good quality too!

    Alexander City,Al
  • smaschsmasch Posts: 96
    Costco has quality meat, but I prefer the bone in and Costco only sells bone out.  On the lighter side, I don't pay for the bone:-)   My last 2 butts I bought at Publix.   Reasonable price and quality meat.  
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  • Both sell CHOICE meat versus SELECT which is what you find at most super markets at the same price. They both have good quality meat.
  • tjvtjv Posts: 3,277
    On pork butt, I prefer bone in....can always use the pull test on the bone to check doneness.  Almost all competition teams use bone-in butts.  Gotta figure, they are on top of what's best.  As mentioned Costco carries boneless, Sams carries bone-in.

    With ribs, I just check to make sure they are not injected with some salt solution.  Sometimes, Costco carries st. louis style ribs.   With Costco, I'm getting ribs with the membrane already removed.  It's a crap shoot with both whether the middle rib rack is any good or not.....

    For beef, my local costco carries choice and some prime.  Costco also carries tri tip which is a nice change from sirloin cuts.  Costco ribeyes seem to be consistently better with more marbling.  Sams on special weekends will pull out the show case cart where you can pick the ribeye from an assortment....that's nice if you only need one or two.

    On chicken, I just check to make sure they are Grade A birds.  Chicken is cheap and I find Grade A birds have better whole skin (no tears) for spatchcock grilling......

    I can't tell much difference on seafood between Costco and Sams.  

    Beer selection is about the same.....On wine, I'm a knucklehead so might as well be picking in a dark

    ACGP, Inc.
  • BuckdodgerBuckdodger Posts: 887
    IMHO I think the bone in butt cooks better. I did a small butt that I got from Winn-Dixie (5 # ) without the bone and the end of the meat was like rolled into the center. Did not care for the texture after it was done.

    Alexander City,Al
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 16,373
    i get more tasty bark with boneless butts, more surface area for rub.
  • AviatorAviator Posts: 1,518

    I see mo betta butts walkin around at Sams than Costco.

    Just my 0.02$

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  • doubledouble Posts: 1,214
    Try asking the Costco butcher. I found out that our local Costco does carry bone in but they keep it in the back for restaurants as they prefer to sell a case at a time 4 butts in a case.
    Lynnwood WA
  • We have a Sams and a Costco within 5 miles of each other and I can't really tell the difference between the two.  Both only sell choice or prime (selected cuts) beef.  Both pork prices are within pennies of each other.  Major difference is bone in vs no bone. difference.
    My meat preference is Costco only because a former neighbor and a friend works for Costco in the meat department and I like knowing that the $$s I spend supports a friend's paycheck.  
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • My local Costco sells great meat and the Butts are bundled, 2 cyro packs, no bone. I use the temp probe to determine doneness and I pull the thing off at 195, no less.  Last cook was 14 hours, low and slow at 225 to 250.  I used salt lick rub on mustard, coated heavy with a great bark.  I actuallt took one into work for the team to snack on.  Bought a 2 pack of those small Hawaii rolls and man that pulled pork was a huge hit. I was the hero for the morning!  I'd try a sams but I dont have a membership over there anymore.  For my money Costco beats Sams in every way, 
  • FanOfFanboysFanOfFanboys Posts: 1,627
    tjcavitt said:
    Both sell CHOICE meat versus SELECT which is what you find at most super markets at the same price. They both have good quality meat.

    For the slower members of the forum, ya know the idiots who are newbs, can you rank, from worst to best, the cuts of meat?
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 5,325
    I had a BJ's membership and recently switched to Costco to try something different.  I was a little disappointed to see they only had the boneless butts.  I have cooked a pair of the boneless and they were pretty darn good.  The best butts I have ever done were bone-in from BJ's, but I certainly couldn't  state for sure it was "the bone" that gave them the edge :).  I would definitely do the Costco butts again.  I would suggest tying them up with butcher twine (I just use cotton twine from Ace hardware) as they tend to fall apart. 

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  • MikeP624MikeP624 Posts: 292
    Might have to start checking out Costco.  Buying from my local butcher (not a grocery store butcher) is gettting expensive.
  • ShedFarmShedFarm Posts: 499
    Prime (best) > Choice > Select > Standard/Commercial > Utility/Cutter/Canner (worst)
    (Powhatan, VA)
  • FanOfFanboysFanOfFanboys Posts: 1,627
    edited August 2012
    ShedFarm said:
    Prime (best) > Choice > Select > Standard/Commercial > Utility/Cutter/Canner (worst)

    Thanks! Now I just gotta remember choice over select
  • Prime=transformer awesomeness, choice= what i would prefer, select=a select few will be nice... That how i remembered it when i first started out
  • Costco's in Overland Park Ks. always have bone in butts. 2 per package
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,267
    It's gotten out of hand here with the Costco butts, my new social crutch. We use a tiewrap or two to keep them together. No waste. Twin pack fits on the Egg, very little waste. Almost no effort to prep. Put them on overnight then in the cooler, give half away. We are being worshipped by those we know!
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