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Your favorite hamburger patty?

easttexasaggie04easttexasaggie04 Posts: 108
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I'm looking for your favorite method of making a great hamburger patty (using beef). I made some the other night and they ballooned up like meatballs. I need to refine my burgers.  I don't want anything fancy....just a good ol fashioned burger!

Here's what i used...
- 85% lean 15% fat beef
- Worcestershire sauce
- Hamburger seasoning

A friend of mine mentioned he likes to add BBQ sauce to the meat before making the patty.

Put them on the BGE at 650 degrees at 3 minutes per side then, 400 until it reached temp.

Whats your favorite mixture/method?


  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,948
    80/ 20, worcestershire, and lately cabellas baby back rib rub.  if they are swelling up, pinch the middles down with the palm of your hand before they go on the grill. my new favorite is not to grind the burger, slice a tenderloin 1 inch thick and a short marinade in worcesterchire, steak seasoning and balsamic. smoosh them flat and then grill and then onto the hamburger bun
  • I usually flatten the middle of the burger with my fingertips. As it shrinks from the outside it will even out in thickness
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 14,160
    Found grinding brisket into hamburger grind works best for me.
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  • my favorite hamburger patty?  the one I make myself!! :D heheh...

    seriously, ever since I started grinding my own, it's  hard to go back to buying ground beef (and SHUTTER the thought of ever doing frozen patties)!!!!  :-&

    Anyway, here's my "go to" thread for grinding burger, when I did an "egg-speriment" to determine what cuts of meat, and what ratio I liked better:  

    Also, keep these tips in mind in order to make your burger better (follow these tips, and grind your own patties, and you'll have burgers which drip juices out of them once you bite into them)!!
    1. gently toss the meat back & forth from hand to hand till it starts to form a ball.  Then gently start "slapping" the ball to flatten it out - the key word here is GENTLY - for burgers, you don't want densely compacted meat.  Think "light & airy".  
    2. Once the meat starts flattening out, I usually flip it up in my hand so that it looks like a "wheel" and start rolling it like a wheel around my palm, to make it more uniform & round.  
    3. Once you get the patty looking like you want it to - set it down then gently press your thumb into the middle to form an indentation or "divot" - this will help keep the burger from becoming "bulbous" and swelling as it cooks. 
    4. Once you place it onto the cooking grid - shut the dome & leave it alone for about 4 minutes - do NOT start "smushing" it w/ your spatula - you just spent all that time making nice "light & airy" patties, so why would you then want to compact & condense them now (let alone you'd be squishing the juices out of the burger).
    5. After about 4 minutes, open dome, and quickly (but gently) flip, and close dome quickly.  
    6. After the 2nd set of 4 minutes (maybe 3 minutes, 30 seconds), if you enjoy cheese on your burgers, now would be the time to add cheese - add the cheese, shut dome, wait about 30-40 seconds for cheese to melt.
    7. Gently remove burgers, place on bun, add desired condiments, enjoy!!! (no need to "rest" a burger - eat it immediately).

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