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President's Day (sunday) Boston Butt

smokinsoonersmokinsooner Posts: 160
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All of this talk about pulled pork has lit the fuse.

Off to get a boston butt for the first time... have read all of the suggestions and cooking processes... will post as I go. <cross fingers please>



  • Got one going on tonight. Injecting it with Butchers injection in an hour with some Simply Marvelous Cherry rub, let it sit for 3-4 hours, light Egg and stabilize temp to 250 degrees and smoke with some oak and cherry chunks. It will be good.
  • So..... I'm confident of the prep...I'm confident of the temp... I'm confident of the egg.

    First: trimmed fat and injected. Second: light layer of mustard. Third: Rubbed and ready; Used a mixture of rubs and topped off with some dark brown sugar. Last: on the stop 205.


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    3264 x 1952 - 1M
    3264 x 1952 - 1M
  • Holding steady at 250 dome temp. Got the pork on the egg at 11:15p.. hope to have them off by 3:15p tomorrow.
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  • Yo smokinsooner, how big is your butt? (Pork shoulder!) :) I just put an 8.5 lber on at 10:45 PM 
    Looks like you are heading for a 16 hour cook. That is what I am planning as well. I did a smaller butt a while back as my first attempt, only had the egg since Nov 2011. This is my 2nd try. Hope this one will be more tender, I should have left the smaller one on longer. Looking forward to hearing how your's turns out. I will keep an eye on this post. Good Luck, we got company coming for a meal, I am crossing my fingers and toes..
  • It looked like one big hunk of meat in the cryosac, but it was actually two pieces... totalling 13.5 lbs. So, I'm cooking them as one big piece, (longer cook). I still have some really good smoke just over halfway through the cook! It smells great.

    I have resisted the desire to peek, because the the dome temp and grill temp have been holding steady all night. When I woke up this morning the grid temp fluctuation was only 1 degree down, and the dome temp is still holding strong at 250 since my last post. Internal meat temp is 173, (but have no ideal how long it's been there). I've read about the "stall" and I'm wondering if I'm there...

    (this is fun!)

  • I think the stall is in the 160-170 I am remember right from the posts on here. Some one may chime in. You haven't peeked good work. You know what they say" If you're lookin ya ain't cookin" Sounds like you are well on your way to a real good meal. Get the coleslaw ready.
  • I think this is a second stall... still at 188. I put more lump in that beast than ever before!

    Just don't want to run out of fuel. After I warm cooler the butts... gotta reload, pull the plate setter and get the temp up to cook ABTs and the Mac-n-Chz....and maybe some hot dogs for the kids.

    I wanted to do some potato bombs, but I think that will have to wait until next weekend.

  •  Butts werre pulled at 3:30p, foiled and wrapped in towels .. into a warm cooler. reloaded lump, prepped ABTs and Mac-n-Chz until I had some blue smoke... back in business.

    Now to pull some pork....

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    3264 x 1952 - 1M
    3264 x 1952 - 1M
  • Nice Work, good looking pics. ABT's Oh Yea
  • Final product.... everything turned out great!

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    3264 x 1952 - 1M
    3264 x 1952 - 1M
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    Dallas, TX

  • Imull slap my mama that looks so good. What your address so he can retaliate back to you.

    Paul Go there. I write it.
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