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Not a holiday weekend, but great eats nonetheless!

BBQfan1BBQfan1 Posts: 562
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Greetings from the Great White North. It's not a holiday weekend up here; ours was last week with Queen Victoria's birthday (you all sent cards, didn't you?), but we had a family/friends gathering today anyway. Picked up a 7 lb sirloin tip roast Thursday night at Costco and came home and checked the archives. A little disappointed that general response was less than enthusiastic on any archived posts about this cut, generally recommended for jerky and not much else. After some deliberation decided to marinade overnight and whipped up a marinade of olive oil, chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, creole mustard, vinegar, touch of red wine, salt and pepper. Put it on about 10 am this morning, over drip pan filled with water/beer, about 250-280 and let it go. About 4 pm it was registering 170 internal, definitely well done. Took it off, wrapped it in foil (something I was trying to avoid, really) and placed in the oven at 195. Let it go for 2 hours as I did 2 racks of ribs on Egg. An hour later ribs were done and being eaten up; now everyone was too full for the beef! It stayed in the oven till 8 pm, wrapped. Finally guests were feeling a bit hungry again, so I let it rest 20 mins or so and began to slice thin. Could tell it was getting a bit dry from look of the grain in centre of the roast. Sliced it all up, poured on the juice collected in the bottom of the foil, put sliced, grilled vidalia onions on top and then added beef stock/beer combo to almost cover the slices, covered with foil and put up to 350 to warm through. This definitely saved the day, as this added juice/broth tenderized and moistured the meat, and when served on a fresh bun with the onions received strong praise from friends and family.[p]This is kind of a long post, but I know that when I went searching archives for ideas on cooking this cut, there were several enquiries, but few recipes/feedback other than making jerky or quick sear, rare beef ideas. Actually, when searching even beyond this forum on other bbq sites, there are very few recipes for low and slow beef beyond the brisket cut. Is there a reason for this? Is there a cut of beef (other than the brisket, of course) that lends itself to low and slow cooking in the style of Boston butt pork etc? While there were a few moments that I thought I was going to have a 7lb chunk of shoe leather on my hands, the end product was quite fine, if I must say so myself! Also, Mike O's grilled pineapple slices were a huge dessert hit! Only I was forced to substitute canned rings for fresh as the local grocery store had fresh for $6.99 each, exhorbitant even given our generally higher prices. Sorta long winded, but if you saw smoke coming from the North, now you know what it was.[p]Cheers,[p]BBQfan1 [p]


  • BBQfan1,
    Sirloin tip is too lean to low and slo. Kick up the heat to 350* dome and 150* internal for rare. Forget the drip pan filled with any liquid. It helps none. If you want au jus from the from the drippings place water in the drip pan and put some aluminum foil over that to catch the drippings.

  • JJJJ Posts: 951
    It should have read just JJ. I type with boxng gloves on.

  • djm5x9djm5x9 Posts: 1,342
    BBQfan1:[p]Thanks for the cook information. I have printed and added to my files.[p]Regarding Her Majesty, I always send a hand made birthday card (folded 8 1/2" X 11" lettered with crayon) and an English tea bag. My envelope always has at least one U.S. flag stamp incorporated in the postage.[p]She NEVER acknowledges my cards. For some reason, I do not believe she appreciates them . . .

  • BBQfan1BBQfan1 Posts: 562
    JJSir,[p]Yes, I would have liked a piece of fat to put on top of it, but it was after butcher's hours. As I'd asked in original post; is there a cut of beef you would recommend for low and slow? A blade roast maybe; it's usually pretty gnarly.
  • mollysharkmollyshark Posts: 1,519
    Sirloin tip is one of my favorites. I've been raving about it here for the last few months. I've taken to marinating it for a few hours in..oh..whatever. Sometimes the lemon juice/light soy/olive oil combo. Then rubbing it with char crust roto-roast. Around 325 degrees until about 140 internal. I do it on a little v-rack over a drip pan. Sometimes toss some mesquite wood in. It cooks quick. Almost same timing as an oven. It still comes out a little bit chewy, but man oh man does it have flavor. It gets inhaled. I've found a 1-1/2 lb will do a dinner for 3 meat eaters pretty well.

  • Tim MTim M Posts: 2,410
    BBQfan1,[p]Way back in the old'en days (last year some time) I did a chuck roast much like you did your sirloin, minus the long wait in the oven. I found that cut of meat in the fridge, that day, and decided to do "something" with it. There were few suggestions for cooking it - much like what you have found for the sirloin. My chuck roast didn't turn out wonderfully but my 16 yr old made the last of it disapear. It was a bit dry but sliced thin and with some BBQ sauce, it was not bad. It's not on my regular cooking list but it was different and I can see where it would appeal to some more than others. After a couple racks of ribs and a few Molson pops - I bet it went over very well. [p]Tim --- that card never made it there yet for the queens birthday? Darn slow mail!! Maybe 1/2 pound was too much weight to have added to the envelope - must be too heavy now. hehehehe
  • Char-WoodyChar-Woody Posts: 2,642
    JJ, I got a bang out of it...! A "sir" once in a while stir's the pot! Keeps the stuffins from stickin to the bottom. Have a super "Memorial Day" Weekend. [p]
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